THIS ONE GO CRAZY😍$35 LACE PART | LATISHA DUPE😍| Glueless Install| Nutique - Mabery 24” Reviewed by Cait Gainer - Beauty Exchange Beauty Supply

Hey ladies what's up it's your girl Cait and we are back with another wig. Today we are doing Maebry 24" from Nutique The Illuze Collection. This wig is absolutely beautiful as you can see it doesn't come pre-plucked or anything. But we're definitely gonna pluck it. And this is me after I plucked it a little bit. There wasn't much space on the sides to part it. You can see a little track right there. But I mean she's full and everything.

I use the lace Tinting Spray  And I'm just showing you how she looks on the inside. With a little bit of lace, you know, just a little part nothing extravagant. But baby did they give you hair and volume and Beauty. I just want to show you how quick and easy it is to use the LaceTint Spray from Temptation. This is a Kiss brand spray and this is the only spray that matches my color like to the tee. So I went ahead and put it on and usually wigs don't fit me ear to ear; so this one is definitely big hand friendly. I will leave the circumference and everything of my head is in the description below.
And while you guys are here make sure to comment what you like so far and go ahead and subscribe to my channel I have more videos like this one coming. I wanted to also tell you guys that this wig is so secure. This wig feels like it's not gonna move and as you guys can see on the previous clip like we have three Clips, we have The Parting space, and we have adjustable band in the back. so you definitely have enough security for this wig. And I also installed this glueless. So we did not use any glue on this install. So that's another, you know, plus that you can install this glueless because girlfriend honey child we be
ready take these things off in the night time baby and sleep peacefully, you understand.

So right now we're just cutting off all of the lace and brushing all the baby hairs down. Getting ready to softly apply the lace. The only reason why I use any product is because I wanted all the baby hairs to lay in One Direction. So I'm taking Fantasia Spritz ,I think this is the Mega hold one, and I'm just lightly spritzing across the perimeter of my head. And I'm just going to tie this down with the wig band. Then I'm going to take my below dryer and I'm just going to blow it out for like a good two to three minutes. Like nothing serious, I just want the product to actually dry. So this is what we got. You see the baby hairs are laid down pretty flat and I'm able to do a little bit more customization with the baby hairs.

like I said I'm trying to do this glueless and I'm trying to make it look as natural as possible. As you guys can see so far the texture of Maebry 24" is like super Yaki, you know, it's giving blowout. It's very like, you know, "you could pull this off". You could put, you know, "I might add a few tracks but I could pull this 
off, like this is my real hair". So that' what I'm trying to give. So I'm taking my scissors and I'm going back and forth just to create just like natural baby hairs. I feel like that's the best way to create like a natural baby hair is just you know gently pushing the hairs against the the scissors and not just going straight across. Like we need a little bit of you know just  cutting action going on.

So I'm taking my concealer from Sheen. This is a she Glam concealer; I'll be having a review on that as well on another video. And I just concealed my part a little bit, as you guys can see. The part is giving it's deep, it's everything. Then I'm taking my denim brush and i'm just combing out my wig. That's my favorite brush to use on a wig because it just gets every nook, every cranny, every nap, all that.
so yeah after that we just basically combed out everything and I'm just styling it, playing with it to see how I really want to do it because you know straight out the box you gotta find your swag with these certain wigs. So yeah you just get the combing, flicking, and swirling and figure out what's the best style for you.

So as you can see here this is the style that I want on the right and the style that it came in on the left. So you know you just gotta make them, you gotta break your magic honey. Get to flipping that wrist and twisting that damn Denim brush, okay.
So after we pretty much got both sides to match she is looking absolutely beautiful voluminous. It's scary, like, it's really giving. And I would literally wear this wig every day if I could. I'm spraying some of the Spritz right here on this front part. Just to give me a little bit of height because I love me a little bit of height at the top of my wigs. Usually I would use like a wand or something but child I was being lazy. I didn't want to get up, so I just used the back of my hot comb and you know tied her down child. See, look how cool she is. I pushed it back a little bit and look how its showing. So you guys definitely can use the Spritz to create that glueless effect.

And baby! This is the final look Maebry 24 inch from Nutique. Absolutely freaking beautiful, you know? Only cons to this wig is that you really don't have any other part then the middle part to do it. But other than that she is giving. Like look at the curls so cute, it's like doll baby hair, like show girl hair. It is so freaking adorable I hope you guys enjoyed this video there will be more to come. You guys can call Mayberry 24 inch at
see you on the next one!
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