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What's up Babes it's your girl Cait and we are back again installing this beautiful Melted Hairline unit from Outre. I'm showing you the details of the comb, the lace, and the breathable cap that it does come with.  As you guys know Melted Hairline is my favorite collection from Outre because it is big head friendly. The lace is very HD, it's a breathable cap, and easy to customize plug in; things of that such. Also it takes very high heat.

Right here, I'm showing you that I just comb back my edges of this wig with the Hot comb. It was on 350, so yes, it is very high heat resistant. Which means that you can curl it even further or like I'm doing; using the heat to make everything nice and flat. I took my scissors and cut off the excess lace around the ear. To give it a more realistic fit for me and usually I do not have any extra lace around the perimeter of my head. So this is very good for like I said ladies that do have a big head or do have a lot of edges and want to fully cover their edges and head. Getting the full 13 by 4 frontal look. 
As you can see before I did Tint the lace. I didn't show it on camera but I did Tint the lace before I put this wig on, with the Kiss Temptation Tint in medium brown. and I'm just going across the front of my lace with my scissors in a up and down jagging motion. To get the most seamless look that I could possibly get from this install. 

Now I'm using the Kiss Cream Foundation Duo that you can see here in a color number 15. This is available at your local Beauty Supply store for about 4.99. Of course, I got mine from Beauty Exchange. Also where I got this unit Amanda from Melted Hairline Outre for only 18.99 or at 26.99 one of the two. They're having this big sale on these wigs currently. Along with a whole bunch of other wigs you guys can check out the link in the description box below. 
I also use the Fantasia spray to basically secure this lace. This is a very light Hold Spritz because I am doing more tutorials after this one. So I didn't want anything that would leave too much of a hold.  But I definitely use this for melting my units um and giving that seamless look. So if you did want to light hold or you want to use something that will melt your lace. I definitely recommend the Fantasia spray. I will also have that linked In the description box below.

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On this unit I'm going to cut a little bit of baby hairs just to give it that bady look.  So I didn't use any heat to do the baby hairs. I just used some Edge Control. The Edge Control that I use is from The lafair Edge Bond very new collection it's it holds very well I like it a lot. I also will link that below as well.  This is also available at Beauty Exchange This install was super quick and easy because the easiness of the lace, the easiness of the hair, and the way it laid down. It was just a 10 out of 10 for me. This wig is in the color number two and it was very dark but not too dark. That's how I like my wigs to be, in a very natural color. I couldn't find baby hair brush.  So I just use the the bristles brush that's usually for the eyebrow pencil.  That's it, I'm combing it out and I'm good to go. This is a cute everyday style. 
 Amanda is everything; I wore it for a couple days and it didn't kick up on me, it wasn't itchy, none of that. I tied it down that night and she was giving you know a little quick weave blowout style. So I really did enjoy this and again as you guys can see, I'm just combing through and laying everything down as flat as possible.  "JuJing" out my little bangs. And that's it you guys!  If you guys did like this make sure to hit that subscribe button and hit the notification button to see more wigs like this one. Sales and everything, I'm always putting you guys on the most affordable Styles; at any local beauty supply store that you will find Worldwide. Make sure to shop MyBeautyExchange.com for Outre Amanda color number two.
See you guys next time! 
Enjoy these last few seconds of me just showing you how beautiful this wig is. 
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