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What's up babies!
    It's your girl Cait, and 
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This wig comes a little bit pre-plucked but I went ahead and plucked it again. We are doing CharismaI don't know why I'm saying Charisma, it's CharismaIn color number two.Okay, so here is the lace. It's 13 by 6, as you can see. Like I plucked it a little bit too hard. We have a band and we have the stretchy cap/breathable cap. Those are my favorite wig caps. We have a comb in the back and two combs on the sides. I love this wig construction because you can let your scalp breathe and you can scratch it. It's literally the best. And this is what makes the wig stretchy and fit to all different types of head sizes. So here I am just trying it on and baby, we could already see the potential is fitting.

The lace is looking how its supposed to be looking. Mind you I didn't put on any make upon this lace. I actually forgot to do it beforehand but it ended up working out anyway. I would suggest doing it before. Because look, I just already know this is going to eat down. I cannot wait to install. I can already see she is going to do it. So we're going to use Ebin Wonder Lace Bond and Supreme and I'm cutting off the ear tab just to make it a little bit easier to install. Make it flat with no types of bumps or lumps So just go ahead and cut the ear tabs off, before you get started on cutting. So you don't have to worry about any air or excess lace getting in the way of your actual install, using the adhesive spraySo go ahead and spray your lace from ear to ear. Do a nice even layer across. I always like to go and kind of push the spray inside of the lace. So that it can get on those extra little hairs right there in the front and lay everything down nice and flat. Then you want to tie down your Edge Band.

     Use it to secure your lace 
down and then blow dry it in between. I didn't show the blow drying process because obviously you know you just take your blow dryer and go back and forth. So we're taking some scissors to cut some creases into our lace. To make it a little bit more easier and have a little bit more control when you're cutting your lace. If you don't feel comfortable using scissors, you can always use some eyebrow razors. Somebody should really
make wig cutting eyebrow razors; with different type of edges. I think that would be so cool. If somebody makes that, let me know. But I'm just gonna use some scissors on this one. I sometimes prefer to use the eyebrow razor because it doesn't lift up the lace, like how the scissors is doing right here. But it's okay, you know we got a hack for everything and baby we gonna make it work. So I'm just going back and forth with my scissors and making as jagged 
of a ridge as I can on my lace. So that it can melt properly and not look so straight across the front of my head.

   I'm taking the Ruby kisses cream foundation of course in a level 14.  And I'm taking a small concealer brush and I'm rubbing in all of the product that I need. A very small amount on the tip of my brush and im dabbing it on in. This side is looking a little bit better than the other side because it laid down a little bit better then the other side. But that's okay we're gonna use the double melt method and use the other spray that Ebin has for the Lace Melting Spray. This one right here; we're going to go ahead and spray that right onto the lace. You can already see, yes, its melting honey. We didn't even lay it down here, we didn't put our melt band on yet, or anything. We just sprayed it down, so you already know this is going to be a beautiful install. Charisma is giving us everything. 

    So after we do that of course we're taking our edge band and just laying it on down. I got this pack of edge bands child and it just been coming through. Let me know your favorite Edge band in the comment section. I like the other one that has the pads on the ear part but I feel like I can't hear. I'm afraid of not hearing something I need to hear. So yes honey, it's looking good. We pre-plucked her before we installed. And it's just combing out so beautifully;
no knots or anything. The curls are so bouncy and full. It's like a slight Yaki texture but not really like Yaki. I'm not understanding or I don't know how to explain to you guys.  But it's literally the perfect mix between a silky and a Yaki texture. It's just very much giving blowout.

    So right now I'm just showing you guys how deep we can go with the parting. It's effortless beauty with this wig.  Even right now, it's just bed head, super cute. So I'm taking my denim brush and I'm going to comb out any little knots, and any little fly-aways that I have. And really get this bang banging.I am just in awe of this wig. Really perfect hairlines just always do it for
me. So this is the first look. So beautiful, it is just a side bang pull over.  And we are going to try another half up half down style. Well not really a half up half down it's really an updo style that i've seen trending on Tick Tock and Instagram. I just really want to do it.  I just didn't want to get a front on all that. 

    But to get this little cute look we could definitely use this wig. All we got to do is just tie her up in the back. So cute, so simple to do it and it looks so so so natural. Very much wedding hair, very much prom hair, pretty much you know special events. Gorgeous. As you can see, it was so easy to manipulate this wig. And really make it my own thing; even down or up it's a beautiful wig. It comes in many other colors. So if you like colors and DR colors they do have that available in Charisma. Again, I really do like the texture of the hair. The lace is gray, it's
definitely HD, it's big hair friendly and all of the above 10 out of 10. For this wig I will be keeping her near and dear to me because when I need to just give a look, I'm gonna throw on Charisma

    This is the final look for the updo style. I absolutely love it. The back is very appealing, it is not too bulky. Again this is Charisma in the color number two ultra perfect hairline. And here is it down on the right side. If you like make sure to like, comment, and subscribe. Let me know in the comments if you are going to purchase this wig. I got it from MyBeautyExchange.com for only thirty dollars.
    See you next time, Bye!

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