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Hey guys it's Cait and I'm going to do this week install with you today.
We are working on Anisha Sensational Cloud9 wet lace. I went ahead and plucked a little bit more. It does come pre-plucked but as you can see later on in the video, I wanted it extra plucked. So in the inside we have a 13 by 6 lace, two combs and of course the stretchy cap in the back. I love this about Cloud9 Wigs because it's big hair friendly and super breathable and not so itchy.

So let's go ahead and put the wig on. Right now I'm just going to adjust it and make sure that the ear tabs are in the correct place before I cut and glue it down. You don't have to worry about poking yourself in the eye or anything like that. Also I just feel like using the eyebrow razor makes it easier for the glue to basically melt into the lace. It's just overall better and easier. You can take your time because you're not, you know, cutting so much lace off at a time. You can go back like how you see I'm doing right here and just really perfect your lace cutting. 
This is the final look of the hairstyle with the makeup and everything. I'm so sorry, that I'm so slow and I didn't push the button to record the install.  I used the prescription products. I will be using them again in a future video. But just
for now I gave you guys the inside of it. And obviously I want to give you my full review on how I feel about Anisha.

So this is Anisha, she's a Cloud nine Sensational what lace wig.  It's HD lace and it's 13x6; obviously as you've seen the video earlier. It's just by six right here in the crown region and then over here on the corners it is maybe like a by two situation. So I was able to pluck way more at the top and like you saw, or you guys didn't see. I plucked all of this right here and I plucked this very thinly. So
even if I can cut or needed to have a little bit more lace because my
hairline is in a u-shape. So I was like, "okay I'm gonna pluck a little bit more
and go right here in the front area". "So that I can cut it and it look like my
natural hairline". Versus sometimes when I'm not able to do that I just kind of
got to have a rainbow situation. Depending on the type of lace that we
have. But thankfully we have 13 by six lace from Cloud 9 Sensationnel 
Anisha. That's your girl, you know.

It's very cute I love, love, love, love the Bob out the pack. Out the pack it gave what it was supposed to give. So I already knew, when I was gonna put it on, I knew what I wanted to do. I initially wanted to do like two big baby hairs. But this look is just so classy and cute. I don't think that I needed any baby hairs. The cut is, you know, an angled bob. It's absolutely perfect and I really like it. It's big head friendly; my head is 22 inches; 22, 23 inches around. Depending on how I'm tying up my hair. Right now I have it in a low bun. And it looks good. Like, it doesn't look like extremely bulky or anything.  But I cut my hair off and I can't
really braid it right now. So it's in a low bun.

But other than that I have no complaints about this wig. Other than the small little parting space right here. So you can't really pluck your sides. But you have the full 13x6 over here. The hair is silky and manageable. I used 310 degree heat to press everything down and make it sleek and beautiful. This is more of a silky-ish texture. So if you want it more of like a Yaki texture, this wouldn't be for
you. The lace was a little bit white. So I did do a lot of customization to the lace.
With the cream foundation and my wig brush. But the prescription liquid skin
helped me lay everything down and really, really smooth everything down. I really can go into the part; I might just do that really quickly. Go into the part and just make it a little bit more defined. Just so I could, you know, give parts.

Yes! I love this wig. This is so cute like everyday style. Very Work Babe, you know, Boss babe actions. So cute, I just got a little gift and I feel like it
would be so cute with this. Hold on. Okay. She's giving executive babe. Yeah. " I sign checks, okay". I love this wig it's so cute. If you like this wig make sure to go and check it out on You can use my code Cait Gainer for a couple of dollars off at checkout.  And remember her name is Anisha.

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