$45 Pre-Styled Unit! Girl… ADD TO CART ! HalfUp HalfDown Unit | Nutique Illuze Glam Up 360 Body 26” Reviewed by Cait Gainer - Beauty Exchange Beauty Supply
I am installing Nutique illuze Collection Glam up body 26 inches. It's a 360 unit and it is pre-styled with the half up half down. They don't really give you too much parting space just enough for the half up half down parting. And today we are using the Kiss Temptation Tint in light warm Brown, as usual. I'm just installing this by spraying the inside fully and getting all the lace parts. For the back of the lace I didn't really do anything with the 360 I just cut it off as you can see because I'm not about to put it up. So that's all I'm doing.

So right now I was figuring out how I'm gonna install it. The lace on this was super soft and easy to move.  So I would say that it is very, very big head friendly and you don't have to worry about it not fitting ear to ear because I did cut off a lot of excess lace. Then you can also like make it tighter if you wanted it to be tighter. The 360 band like it just gives you more space for doing different styles, putting it back, putting to the side, and things like that. So I'm going ahead and cut off all of the lace. I didn't pre-pluck this wig or do and extra customization other than cutting, spraying down, and laying on the baby hairs. I did install this with glueless. So if you continue to watch you can see how I did that. 
So now I'm going to use my Fantasia Spritz Mega hold just to spray down the baby hairs. This Spritz doesn't really hold like anything at all. It's usually like a melting spray. That's what we usually use it for but I'm just using it because I don't have any mousse right now. So this is what I'm using just to lay my baby hairs down and make sure my lace is flat so when I do install it with the glueless method everything is just seamless to the skin. So we went ahead and brushed out all the baby hairs and now I'm just gonna cut them and do like a messy baby hair, super baby hair look.  So if you don't like baby hairs you can really just brush this back; take out the rubber band and brush everything back. But I like the baby hairs and I like that they gave us a lot of baby hairs to work with.

So i'll just use them all and I'm just going to cut it and style it, so you'll see that very soon.  So as you can see it already comes like pre-styled but I didn't like it like on the top of my head like that. So I took the ponytail out and I'm going to redo it more flattering for me. I went ahead and tied down the lace with the wig band. So the wig wouldn't slide everywhere.
Like I said I did install this glueless, so I did not use any adhesive to make it stay. And I'm using the Fantasia Mega Hold Spritz again just to lay all the baby hairs down. I use my hard brush to just flatten out everything before I re-put on another rubber band. I used the exact same rubber band that they gave you in the package because I don't have any rubber bands. So this is what I used and I just tried to take my time and make sure that the hair didn't get knotted as I'm trying to do this. If you are smart you would do this on a mannequin head and not do it on your head; it will be much easier and much neater. But of course we made it work and it still came out very very cute.

So this is pretty much the final look. At the end of this video I'll just show you how it looks all together. Right here I just used a cream foundation from Ruby
kisses in the color 15 level 15 color. I'm just blending in everything with the darker shade on it. Y'all know the deal, you can get this at your local Beauty Supply of course I got mines from Beauty Exchange.  It's only five dollars the link will be in the description below.
Also guys I used a Hot Comb just to give me a little bit of height. If you watch any of my other videos I have to add height somewhere in my wig. I just feel like it makes it look better. And I flattened out the top as best as I could just to lay down all the flyaways one more time. Then at the end of this video you'll see how I added some clips and things like that.  But while you guys are still here with me make sure to like this video, comment what you think about it and of course subscribe to my channel for other videos just like this one. 
The texture of this hair was super soft and super nice like it literally gave human hair. I absolutely love this wig and Nutique I didn't really have faith but it came out really cute. I really, really, really like this wig. It's super full; the curls are given wand body curls. It's so so pretty you guys. Make sure to cope this, the link will be in the description below and it's only 37 dollars.

see you guys on the next one bye!
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