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Got this wig in the color 2 the color butter lace and color oh my goodness.

 Hi it's me Ceinna and today I'm going to be doing another wig install I did get this wig from beauty exchange I am going to show you all in just a second but first things first I want to get into all the little goodies they send I love when companies send like cute little stuff just because they don't have to and it's nice when they go the extra mile.

So they did send over one edge brush they also sent two wig caps in dark beige I'm really excited about this usually when I get wig caps they're just that super duper light color and after foundation so I'm very excited for the color they sent to me and they also sent me mink lashes like they really this is nice so I'm really excited about these very grateful I love goodies.

This is the wig that I got from beauty exchange I'm very excited I have not opened this this will be a full unboxing haven't touched the hair or anything at all this is the butta lace wig from sensational I got it in the color 2 it also has HD lace it's supposed to be virtually undetectable almost skin tone so I'm very excited to see how well it blends with mine this is also an ear to ear lace wig I don't have one of those this will be my first install so I'm excited to see how it goes this also has a pre-plucked hairline so let's keep our fingers crossed I don't have to touch it at all and I don't have to make it how I made the last one.

Now this is a synthetic wig but it can withstand between 350 and 400 degrees of heat however I really do like the the curl pattern that's in here so I don't plan on putting any heat on it today I just want to see how it comes right out the box so I'm gonna go ahead and take this out of the box for the first time and give you my first impressions.

Once you once you do that there's no going back we're committed we're putting out a wig today.

So first things first the hair is very soft like really soft it's not i have I've had an experience with synthetic wigs before and I feel like synthetic wigs are only progressing and getting a lot better so it's really nice to like now have affordable and good quality options for wigs because a few years ago a synthetic wig was not going to cut it a synthetic wig was for Halloween this is nice this is soft it has a cute little curl to it it's bouncy this is cute wait yeah so far so good I really really like this.

Okay now we're gonna get into the lace this is what it looks like straight out of the package you can see that it does look like the hairline is plucked already and the lace blended really well with this cardboard I'm gonna take this off and do the test on my hands this is what the lace looks like against my hand it's not a perfect match it's definitely something that we can work with um but it's not going to blend perfectly I will have to put concealer on this just to get it to look a lot better but the lace is at least easy to work with it's very very soft and so hopefully I don't have too much trouble.

Okay this is what the inside of the wig looks like this is where you would make your part right here they do have a little bit of a wider section for parting which is nice and then also just has the three combs so one here one here and then you have one in the back and you also have the straps for making adjustments if you wanted to so far so good for the price of this wig it is definitely really really good quality right out of the box the hair is so shiny and it's not like fake plastic shiny you know what I mean like it's a nice good shine this is really pretty I'm actually really excited about this I don't plan on doing anything to it like I wanna this is like the exact kind of um curl I've been looking for in a wig just something cute and like wavy so I think this is gonna be cute on me honestly I mean it's gonna be cute on me let's see.

So now that I have my wig on my little wig head um I can see all the plucking a lot better and I am really really excited about this it plucked very well and I also like that the middle part is plucked so I don't know if you all can see that but it blends out really really nicely and it's perfectly well so this is really exciting for me because plucking is where I struggle so I'm gonna go get my hair prepared for the install and I'm gonna cut the lace and put it on I'll be right back.

Okay I am back with my wig cap on I do want to say that I love the color of this cap so for example I brought the color of the last cap that I had in my other video you can see there is a very big difference in color so I still think I'm gonna have to put concealer on it but still it's so much nicer to have like a darker curler I'm happy they sent that one to me I'm going to put the wig on really quick just to see how it looks before I start cutting lace and stuff but I'm very excited okay here we go.

Okay first things first this is so pretty on me like I'm sorry I'm not sorry this is cute this is really cute.

look how she ate that!

So I'm going to glue down the wig cap and then I'm going to cut the lace so to glue this cap down I'm going to use this wonder lace bond that I got from my local beauty supply I'm just going to spray it across and then cut off the excess.

Okay so this is the final result for the wig cap it's not professional but I'm non-professional so this is what we have now I'm gonna put foundation on the wig cap.

I am going to go ahead and put foundation on the inside of the wig as well and then I'm going to put it on glue it and cut it so I'm just going to be spraying this from ear to ear but I do have to do this part off camera because I can't see all right I am going to go ahead and cut the lace off.

Okay I'm back I'm going to take this off now.

I can't see it does it look good?. So okay so now that I've got this cut off I'm gonna do one last spray to really try to melt it in and then we're gonna do the baby hairs.

I'm going to be using a wide tooth comb to just go through the hair very lightly to detangle it.

Don't forget you can find this wig at beauty exchange you can go to to find a location near you and you can also go to their Instagram for different ideas and inspiration for your next look definitely check them out this wig was an absolute winner I feel like I did a lot better on this one I will say the lace already being plucked was a game changer for me because it made it so much easier so for the price of this wig and the amount of work I had to do come on now she is the moment.

She's got a point she's an icon she's a legend and she is the moment now come on now.

This is how far it comes down on me I am not going to put any heat on it right now it can take up to 400 degrees like I said earlier but this wave that it has right now is exactly what I want like I actually don't want to change it at all so I would say if you're looking for a wig that's easy to install fresh out the box and you can just grab and go this is definitely a good option it's also a good option if you're a beginner like me and you're just now getting into putting on wigs and learning about lace this would be a really good option because it's good quality and it's not going to break the bank so I definitely recommend checking it out and go and get you a butta lace wig that's gonna be it for this video.

I want to thank beauty exchange for sending this wig over to me i love it so much this is gonna be my go to look out for Instagram pictures soon please don't forget to like comment and share this video if you found it helpful if you enjoyed it at all thank you so much for watching and I'll see you next time bye.


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