Sensationnel Butta Lace HD Synthetic Lace Front Wig- Unit 12 Reviewed By Markela Tarrance - Beauty Exchange Beauty Supply

Wait on it.

Hello boys and beauties welcome back to my channel for those of you who do not know me my name is Markela Tarrance and for those of you who do know me welcome back so today I'll be doing a special wig review for you guys but before we jump right into the video make sure you like comment share and subscribe and be sure to turn on your post notification bell that way you can be notified when I drop my weekly videos so without further ado let's jump right into the video.

All right so I'm so excited about this video y'all shout out before we do anything okay shout out to the best beauty supply store on the planet shout out to beauty exchange for sending me my hair for me to review for you guys today check them out on Instagram , Facebook you can shop online and you can also go into one of their 25 locations that they have across the world so I will also leave those links down below but let's go ahead and get into this wig honey okay because that is what they need me for okay and I want to give the people what they want.

So today we will be reviewing well I will be reviewing it for y'all but we a family were a union so us together I'll be reviewing the butta lace this is what she looks like super cute I'm excited this is um outside of bag and it basically gives you like the full like what type of lace it is how the butta lace how it's better than the other lace you know what I'm saying because we're only doing butter but this is what it looks like I believe this retail is about 40 dollars if I'm wrong just go ahead and click,  click the link down below that way you know y'all can check check the credentials just to see if I'm lying or not but.


All right you guys so this is what miss butta looks like okay she is definitely giving me uh miss , miss king okay and she's have to march with, with martin okay I love some good old-school curls like and I like it I did get um this in 1B because I am a natural hair girl okay I can definitely see myself wearing this wig out in public a quick you know one two one two but yet look professional and still look cute like I can look sassy I can look cute but like the hair feels amazing.

I like it it's kind of thick I kind of like it in it like it has a really really good bop so inside you see we have one two in three combs okay this wig is a sensational wig and their wigs are pretty, pretty good and it looks like from the front so this is what the lace looks like.


This is the lace I really like it because this is a side part wig and this is not one of those wigs where you can like slap it on and try to free part the part is already set there for you which is a plus because some wigs I kind of like the already like the pre part so I really really like that so we're gonna slap her on real fast to see what type of tea she's about to give me

Okay,  okay come on miss king oh okay,  oh yeah wait on it let me style this thing for y'all really quickly like I'm already seeing what I'm going to try to do I don't know if I'm going to do any baby hairs on this because this is like such a natural like this look like this could be my hair but yes this fits my head perfectly too now I have do I have done some wig reviews and some of them wigs I don't know if my head too small I don't know what god was thinking when he made my head but this wig is perfect so we're going to go ahead and get into the styling

All right you guys so that is it thank you guys so much for tuning in I'm so happy that I was able to create this video for you guys make sure you guys check out my beauty exchange on Instagram ,Facebook I will have the link to their website down below so you can do some online shopping let me know your thoughts did you enjoy this tutorial do you think there's anything that I could have done differently let me know but until next time thank you so much boys and beauties and I cannot wait to see you next time.

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