Outre Melted Hairline Synthetic Lace Front Wig - Rafaella Reviewed By  Dynasti Monet - Beauty Exchange Beauty Supply

So the box said it was synthetic but why is this looking like human hair on me what's going on all the fluffiness keep watching.

Hello YouTube loves I am back with another YouTube video and today I'm just going to be reviewing this outre wig that was sent to me by beauty exchange it is the sleek lay part lace front wig and we just going to see how it looks but before we get into it go ahead and hit that subscribe button if you're new go ahead and like comment and subscribe and let's go ahead and get into it

So basically I just like pinning my hair up this way because it's a quicker method rather than just keep braiding my hair and taking it down um it still lays flat as if you did do braids so I just put my little wig cap on the wig has combs inside and an adjustable strap okay and it has an extra strap in the back so you always make sure you put that strap in the back of your head so it can be more secure.

Okay so next I get my ghost bond and basically I just do little dot dots on my head and so this holds the lace down then something about that comb just hits different when i use it to secure that ghost bond okay so after you do that everything should be on your head like on your head all right but I'm gonna do the exact same thing on the other side and yall getting the concept so let's go.

Okay y'all so I started noticing that this hair was actually too big and wow for me like it's giving me H.E.R vibes okay but H.E.R can rock this style all right but me on the other hand I don't like this big poofy look so what I am going to be doing is going ahead and getting some scissors and I'm going to cut some inches off okay I'm just going to see how I can you know do it up a little bit tame it to my liking because right now it's a little bit on the wild side for me.

Okay so this is the length that I kind of liked um it is not too long and it kind of still gives me that poofy vibe so what I'm going to be doing is putting eco styler in water in my synthetic wig yes water in a synthetic wig I've never tried it but we're gonna try today and we're gonna see how it turned out so let's just keep watching.

So I'm really starting to get excited because these curls are turning out like really cute like me putting eco styler on this wig has really defined the curls really nice and water as well so y'all , y'all need to get this wig if y'all looking for a wig you might be able to get wet in and also put your own styling gel in it just to define the curls more.

So you guys this is the finishing look of adding eco and water to this synthetic wig y'all I would have never thought like I used to think that if you add water to a synthetic wig it was gonna crumble fall apart but it actually made this unit more fluffy and have defined curls maybe because it's a deep wave unit but um this wig does shed it did get tangled in the beginning that's normal but I hope y'all enjoyed this three minute little slay I will see y'all on my next video bye.

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