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What's up y'all it's your girl that's ThatsSoNae and welcome back to my YouTube channel it's been a couple of weeks that I have not uploaded I've been a little busy with school y'all know I'm in college it was like my finals week and I just I couldn't keep up with like my channel at the moment so I did take a little break but I'm back now and y'all gonna get more content than ever okay period.

Today I do have a wig review from um beauty exchange , beauty exchange is an Instagram company and they also have all these other retail stores across the globe so they did send me this hair if you guys want to look at their Instagram their Instagram is called beauty exchange and I'll put their Instagram right here they sent me this Bobbi um Bobbi lace hair from Bobbi Boss and um this is what it looks like this is like the packaging I'll show y'all this is the packaging and basically this is this is a synthetic  wig so we're gonna see how this comes out um I have done a synthetic wig before you guys probably seen that on my channel that's the other one the Sam's beauty one so hopefully if you've seen that then you're gonna like this one too period because you know we do bomb wig reviews over here we don't do no lame ones .

This is a synthetic wig it does come in 1 ,1b , 2 , 4,  613 and all these other colors that you guys see here and this one is in this style that I have is called Ilisha and this color is 1b so I'm go ahead and show y'all this wig now so now this wig is a Tpart let me show y'all what it looks like so it's just this um curly it's just this curly wig this is how the lace looks it is a T part it came with baby hairs already I'm not sure if y'all could see that but the baby hairs are they're there they look pretty good hopefully i should be able to put this on because I haven't I haven't done a wig before that's a Tpart so we're gonna see how exactly this goes but the lace does look really good I don't know if y'all see that it is a little transparent so I'm gonna put some makeup on that.

It came with some lashes some nice lashes and it came with some wig caps that they gave me and they also gave me this edge brush very nice and convenient stuff that they give you that you're probably gonna need but you don't need lashes but you know feel cute you're gonna need the wig cap and you're gonna need the edge brush so these are things that come with the wig and the wig overall it doesn't look too bad we probably don't see how it looks on my head so this is gonna be a trial and error hopefully this looks really nice but I'm excited to put this wig and I hope y'all excited to watch me put it on you know I'm gonna do my little tutorial things y'all know y'all know the vibes.

All right let's get right into this wig I'm gonna show you all the steps and all that so if y'all want to see me with this wig on make sure you keep watching don't forget to like comment and subscribe share the video to your family and your friends even though you haven't watched it yet just share it because you know the video is gonna be bomb period but without further ado let's get started to the video.

All right y'all know the drill protect them edges take your edge control and you put your and put well what oh my god put that all over your edges and slick them back so they don't get caught up in the glue next you want to take your wig cap and just put that on regular we're not going to glue it down we're not going to do a ball cap method because this wig is a t part so it doesn't require that much next time you also want to take your wig and make sure that you always size it on your head you know pin it up as much as you need to and put it on your head make sure it fit if it's too tight make it like loose you know you don't want your head your wig slipping or none of that because that's that's not cute we can't we can't have that so you got to make sure it's it fits on your head well.

Next I'm gonna go in with my ruby kisses cream foundation in the color rdf12 and I just put that basically in a t shape on the wig cap since that's the way the wig is formed and not the whole perimeter of my head.

And I'd basically just do the same thing on the wig lace itself so that my wig cap and the wig lace can match so it can look more like scalp.

I did go back in onto the wig cap just to make that thick band on there a little bit more darker just so it can blend in more now I'm going to take my 90 percent alcohol or i mean 91 percent alcohol and put that on paper towel and wipe off the makeup that we just put on my forehead just so the glue would stick better now I'm going to put the wig on my head just to stop make sure that it's in place and everything and you know how we tightened it earlier just want to put it on your head and bring it forward to know where you want to put the wig at and then basically you're just gonna um fold it back just so like it's in place but not really in place and you know exactly where you want to put it at.

Now I'm gonna take my black got to be gel and usually I do this sometimes when I don't really want to lay down a wig but I just put that on the where the lace is or where the lace is going to lay you just want to put that gel all over that area you can put it on top of the wig cap too if you'd like and then I take my ebin lace bond glue and I spray that on top of that this is almost kind of like got to be spray but you know it's still harsh still about the same and I'm going to take the paper towel and just wipe off the excess so it doesn't like flood my forehead.

Now I'm going to take my blow dryer and I'm just going to blow dry that on cool and make sure it dries first before you want to put the wig on.

Now I'm going to bring the wig forward and this is the most careful critical part you want to lay it right on the glue you want to make sure that you don't get the lace in the glue make sure that you're um flattening it and bringing it forward basically as you see me doing here um do the same to the other side as well just make sure there's no like loose hairs connected to the glue to where it's going to get stuck and you just  take a wide tooth comb and push it in.

Now you're also going to blow dry that on cool to um just blow dry it on cool and then you take your elastic band and you tie that over the lace then we're just going to take the blow dryer again on cool as well and try to dry that also underneath the band and wait 15 minutes the packaging does says does say girl does say that um safe heat styling so we're gonna try to see if it does take heat well and if it do great let's see is this hot oh it's not well wait 

Let's see how we do okay , okay I don't know if y'all saw that hold on let me reposition okay so let's try this again I don't know if y'all see this yeah I kind of want it to come down a little bit more I'm going through the top right here to like right here.

hold on okay synthetic okay hold on it's giving me flat clearly it's taking heat very well because this this comb is pretty hot so now I'm going to take that elastic band off and now we are going to cut the lace so now you want to get your um get your scissors and cut it down the middle try to go as far into the lace as possible but don't cut into the hair remember we still need a little bit of lace there and you want to take an eyebrow razor to just try to razor the rest of the lace off I usually use a razor instead of a scissors so I don't get a straight line because it usually looks very weird and it just looks weird so I just like to use eyebrow razor.

Next I'm going to take a rat tail comb and try to part out some of my edges this was a little hard for me because the edges that did come with the wig I couldn't find them anymore so I tried to take some of those and then also cut some new hairs I'm just going to take my ebbin spray and put that on top of the lace that was that wasn't laid all the way down just to secure it some more without putting any more glue on it and I'm going to put my elastic band and wrap that down once more and now I'm just gonna blow dry it again.

All right y'all now I'm just gonna take that band off my head and um you see how the lace looks and everything now I'm about to take my eyebrow razor and just cut some of those edges out just so I could do them I don't know if y'all seen that trend where they like flat iron their edges and they curl it up just to make like a pretty curl swoop something like that but yeah it looked pretty good so I took my ebbin um spray I didn't really use any mousse or edge control for this.

Flick of the wrist  Just like that  yeah.

And I just did the same to the other side and I just flick swoop them up if y'all want to detail you know y'all could pretty much just see see what I'm doing I don't know how to explain it but you it's it's all in the wrist just flick that it's a flick,  flick of the wrist all right y'all so full reveal.

okay ,okay ,okay I don't know what is giving but it's giving it's giving volume.

I like this like this is actually really cute period okay get into it sorry I just I'm really excited because I didn't expect for it to look this good I'm gonna show you guys how I'm not that tall so this is how it looks right here make sure y'all go get this wig okay it might be synthetic but it looks great the edges was a little bit tough to work with because of the T part and that being the only part of the lace that I could do it was a little difficult but you know with a little bit of trial and error you get you do you do a couple um attempts and honestly this looks really good and I'm honestly surprised.

It does shed a bit it does a bit and this isn't something like you would comb through this is something like you have to use your hands for and like when I was doing it it did get tangled a bit so it is going to tangle it's a synthetic wig but when it does that I just like flip it back up and like you can run your hands through it casually but I would say like try to detangle it with your fingers first before you do all that or else it is gonna get like caught and all that and it's just it's not gonna look too good.

So all that I'm just gonna run my fingers through it now and you can see kind of see the curls separating and as I'm doing this I'm I'm pulling out like a lot of a lot of shedding like from the hair doing all this of course but of course yeah see some more but the hair is of like it's obviously gonna shed a synthetic all synthetic hair shed honestly I'm gonna be honest with y'all I really thought I was gonna like it but I like it so far it's pretty cute I like it it looks a little bad on me also be mindful that this is a t part wig so there isn't really much styles that you can really do with this other than what it's in now or have it like behind your ear kind of like that or um you know tying it back or whatever you feel like you want to do to the hair but there isn't as much versatility that you could do with the tpart wig but if this is something that you like to wear like on a regular then this wig is perfect for you.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video I , I really I like this wig and I hope you guys like it too don't forget to like comment and subscribe and I'm gonna have the details for this week in the description box below um make sure you share this video with your family and your friends and make sure you follow me on my Instagram because I post on there and I'm active on there and you know you guys can interact with me I usually post some questions and some post on what you guys want to see so comment down below what you guys want to see and DM me I open my DMs I follow back so do all that you know and thank you for watching and without further ado ThatsSoNae  is out.

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