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 Hey guys welcome back to my channel today I will be doing a review on three bundles and a frontal piece from Beauty Exchange and the brand is royal touch hair so let's get started.

So first we're gonna start out with the frontal piece now I know it says 13 x 4 lace closure but this is a frontal that goes from ear to ear so again it is 13 x 4 and this is the lace frontal so we're gonna go ahead and take this out the package.

The curl pattern is called pineapple I believe specifically it's pineapple wave but it's a beautiful , beautiful curl texture and I absolutely love it.

So now I'm pretty sure most of you are familiar with this part but all of our bundles and our closures normally come in a net and this net basically keeps all of the hair in place and from getting messy in the packaging while shipping so I'm going ahead and just gonna take this off so I can show you guys a better close-up of the curl pattern the texture of the hair and this amazing luster let me tell you about the  shine on this closure excuse me frontal bee-utiful it's absolutely beautiful I instantly fell in love with this frontal.

As you can see the knots are not bleached which I will be doing in part two so stay tuned that video will be out tomorrow how to bleach your knots on your lace frontal.

Let's just get into this swing these curls and the ends literally perfect this has to be by far one of the best frontals I have ever, ever have ever received or laid hands on as far as making a wig or any hair that I've ever had so I'm already super excited to make this into a wig which will be part three so stay tuned for that as well.

so I'm just gonna give you guys a close-up of the hairline it does have baby hairs but I'm not necessarily going to take them out moment because I am going to go ahead and bleach the knots and I don't want the baby hairs to get all in the bleach and you know it's just gonna be a big mess so I'm just gonna show you the curls my fingers run right through the hair it has amazing bounce and swing lots of movement lots of body it's not stiff cuz we already know we don't like stiff hair.

So now we're gonna go over the 14 inch bundle I'm gonna go ahead and take that out the package for you guys now as you can see on the packaging it does say that the grade of this hair is 10A and it is a hundred percent virgin human hair that is unprocessed so that is amazing this is some of the best hair that you can get your hands on and at a very affordable price.

So far I'm really loving the packaging everything is very secure easy to take out and the web size is amazing so you have a lot of hair to work with just gonna go ahead and take off this net so we can get into the details of each and every one of these bundles.

Let me tell you this hair is so silky so smooth the web size is just literally amazing the ends they're not dry they're not frizzy they're not split like I said my fingers run right through it and it has great swing great movement so I'm just gonna show you guys a close-up look at those curls yes I am loving it so far absolutely loving it so.

Now we're gonna move on to the 16 inch bundle.

You guys have seen me run my fingers through two bundles now and the frontal and let me tell you this hair has not been shedding so that alone is just a win-win for me that has definitely won me over instantly no shedding because we know how curly hair can be it's not matting up it's not tangling my fingers go through it with no problem and the web size again you already know so I definitely wanted to make sure that I let you guys know how the ends of these bundles look that is very important look at the swing look at the bounce the ends are perfect great hair definitely really good quality hair.

So we're gonna move on to the 18 inch bundle now which is the longest length that I have so it's 14 , 16 and18 inches and the frontal is 14 inches.

I can already tell I'm definitely gonna be playing in this hair all day because it is just so soft and silky my fingers go right through it with no problem I love the bounce I love the swing on it no stiff hair over here honey we don't do that again this is the longest bundle 18 inches and look at the size of that weft you have so much hair to work with I'm just gonna compare that to my hand great web size great bundle size a lot of hair to work with and the curl pattern again is just perfect on each and every bundle.

So I'm just running my fingers through it as much as possible to see if I get any shedding at all and literally as you can see one strand you can't beat that.

So now I'm just gonna show you guys all the bundles together this is the 18 and the 16 inch in comparison and now the 14 inch all the wefts are huge you have a lot of hair to work with which is perfect you definitely need that when making a wig.

Royal touch hair definitely did their thing I'm telling you this is some of the best hair I've ever laid hands on and I'm so excited to make a wig you guys go shout out to beauty exchange thank you for sending me this hair you guys are the best.

So here's the beauty exchange Beauty Supply flyer you guys they have several locations in Miami , Fort Lauderdale as well as Georgia and Ohio.

So the hair that I received in review today is royal touch hair as you can see the prices are amazing I received the 14 , 16 and 18 which is $104.00 and then they have the frontal and closures available as well as platinum blonde hair you guys cannot beat these prices for a hundred percent unprocessed Brazilian hair go ahead and check them out on Facebook Instagram and their website and I'm just gonna show you guys a flyer let me tell you they have everything all the popular brands that we know about all the tools you need braiding hair , Bundles,  crochet hair like wigs synthetic and human hair you can find it all.

They're always offering amazing sale prices and deals so definitely go check them out hope you guys enjoy this video don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and I'll see you in part two.

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