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 Hey guys welcome back to my channel its your girl Charisma to all my new K Squad members welcome to the family let's jump right into this review.

We are back another wig review today we are talking about The Sensationnel sheer Muse HD synthetic lace front wig her name is Takeisha I have her in the color crimson red you can pick this up over at for $36.99 I will link everything in the bottom box below if you guys want to go ahead and purchase her and speaking of my Beauty Exchange shout out to y'all they are sponsoring this video today and the cool thing about my Beauty Exchange is that they're not only online you guys but they are in different locations 22 to be exact across Florida , Georgia and Ohio so if you are in any of those States ma'am mosey on over to my Beauty Exchange you guys and get your life but let's just go ahead and get into the juice you guys so this unit comes with your standard two combs in the front one comb in the back with your adjustable straps and that is cool because you guys know I love me so much adjustable straps it also comes with it,  it is also 26 inches in length you guys obviously this is going to be a synthetic wig it is Salon Inspire cut and colored ear to ear lace lightweight unit it does include baby hair and once again 26” in length.

So let's just go ahead and get into Miss Takeisha you guys so saw her loved her you guys know I love beautiful bright colors Sensationnel really does well with that and the color schemes on this is beautiful now I have this in crimson red you guys but it comes in like different beautiful Reds apple red, carrot red, fire red, ginger red , wine red it's like so,  so beautiful and remember you guys are going to pay upwards to $3 to $6 extra if you order a specialty color so yes it is coming in like five different Reds you guys with 1, 1B and also a number 2 which you can also get because you know what this can be rocked in a natural color as well right so this is definitely going to be big head girl friendly it's fitting me nice and snug I do have a peanut size head but it's not uncomfortable at all I do not have the straps or the Combs adjusted in this unit also this is going to be a soft yaki textured unit but it is teetering on silky you guys I'm going to say it's mixed

Now I do love the texture but I really wish it would have been a thicker yaki it's just a little bit too thin for me but it's you know it's okay and as far as the density is concerned it's great it's not too thin it's not too thick but for me it just could have been a little bit thicker because it feels like it's thicker like in the front and then in the back it feels like it's a little bit thin so I just wish it was a little bit thicker in the back but I don't feel tracks going throughout the unit that's always a great thing especially with bright colors you do not want to see tracks going throughout units on bright colors because you definitely can see them right so we do not want that now as far as the lace is concerned it's just your standard HD lace and I did cut this did come with baby hair the baby hair were fairly thick and they were red and you guys already know I do not like bright Reds ,oranges , blonde baby hair just looks kind of strange to me so I went ahead and cut that off so I did cut off the lace as well this is not a frontal you do not have to like install glue spray none of that if you do not want to I really don't see the point of that but once again you can do what you want with your unit I do not have a length on this part here but I'm going to go with five inches and the part definitely can be plucked it is a bit messy so if I were you I would definitely pluck that I did go in with my concealer and I was pretty much much good to go now.

I do love the layering into Takeisha I think it's absolutely gorgeous there's only like two layers one on this side one on that side and then you have the 26 inches at the bottom I think it's great now you can definitely shift this wig I have her shifted to the right but you can shift from the right to the left to the middle and either way it looks absolutely gorgeous but I thought it worked better for me to the right right so yeah this is super, super pretty you guys it's super soft I love that about the unit as far as sheading and detangling is concerned now I did cut the lace and it started sheading a bit but after that I was good now you're definitely going to get both because it's such a longer unit but for right now I'm not getting either so just keep that in mind because usually with longer units depending on the hair texture how it's constructed you can always tell when you touch it if you're going if it's going to be a shed tangular right out the gate or if it's not now speaking of right out the gate this does look exactly how it looks on the stock card and I was like taking It back like yes ma'am she looks just like she's how she looks on the stock card and I was so so pleased you guys.

Now let's just jump into styling you guys this is definitely going to be a throw on and go definitely love that about the unit because you guys already know I love to be in and out right so what I did was I went ahead and cut the lace cut the baby hair went ahead and installed the wig and once again went in with my concealer in the part just to make sure she was cool I also went in a little bit with my Mac um translucent powder right at the beginning of the part there because I kind of wanted it to blend as much as possible this lace is bright so you're definitely going to have to blend it I also went in with my wax stick right at the crown where the part is to flatten her out more with my hot comb and then I went in again with my flat iron this was on 360 in a held the heat beautifully and once I uh you know flat ironed her it just all came together and I was so , so,  so happy with that like I think it's absolutely gorgeous and then as far as like putting this uh unit behind your ear you definitely can but since it's red I don't know if you should do that because you'll see the black hair um by your ear but even still it's really comfortable there are ear tabs but they're not really they're big but they're not like uncomfortable so I just wanted to throw that out there you guys if you want to throw it behind the ear you definitely can.

But styling Miss takeisha was a breeze I wasn't in the mirror no longer than 10 minutes it really is a throw on and go you guys I mean once you you know run a flat iron through this and do whatever you need to do to your liking as far as products are concerned you you're in and out within 10 minutes so that was a plus for me

Now let's just go ahead and talk about pricing you guys $36.99 I think it's set beautifully it's not $40.00 you guys already know anything over 40 I'm always side eyeing it right but I think $36.99 is a perfect price point for this unit you know the the color the way that it looked out the package the way that it's constructed I think it's a really,  really great um price point now over at you can get free shipping if you go over 80 but without that even plus the shipping you shouldn't come out more than $45.00  so I'm here for it I'm definitely here for the $36.99 price tag so let's just go ahead and give it a round of applause Girl  we got to save our coin we got to save our coin over here at the kharizmas world.

And my final thoughts on Miss takeisha I don't have a lot of Cons with this unit I mean the the uh shading tangling is not a big deal you definitely were going to get this because the unit is like long so it's not really too many Cons with this unit at all and I do wish that it was a little bit thicker at the back but other than that I think the rest are Pros you guys I think the color is absolutely gorgeous um I do love the texture in the fact that it's not shiny there's a lot of body with this it really looks natural even though the color is so bright and out there I think it you know matches my complexion beautifully I love the way it's layered because I do have a smaller face but it's still making my face come out more instead of like getting sucked in you guys know I cannot stand units where it's so much hair is just engulfing your face especially if you have a small oval face like mine so I love the fact that the layers are where they need to be especially when I shifted her to the right once again the colors are on point it's comfortable the price point is beautiful so you know what I'm definitely going to give this my kharizmas stamp of approval dolls you guys head over to go pick Miss Takeisha.

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