Bobbi Boss Boss Lace Glueless 13x4 HD Lace Front Wig - MLF256 Vivienne Reviewed By Asiah Unique - Beauty Exchange Beauty Supply

 Hey y'all it's Asiah unique welcome ,  welcome back to my channel if it's your first time stopping by go ahead and hit subscribe and turn your notification bell so you know every time I upload a video so I'll be doing a wig show and tell on this wig that I have on my head this wig was sent to me from a company called beauty exchange company okay they were kind enough to send me this wig to do a review for y'all so this is like my second time doing this video because the first review I accidentally deleted the wrong footage stuck with a wig  show and tell on this video so I do apologize for that because I installed it and everything showed yall  the cap all of that stuff and the footage is gone so we're just gonna go ahead and talk about this wig okay so if you're interested and you want to know all about the wig that I'm wearing keep watching.

Okay y'all let's get into it so the wig that I'm wearing is from Bobbi boss this is the stock card right here this is the glueless lace wig it's a 13x4 lace has the free parting and it comes with baby hairs and it comes pre-plucked with the natural density you can use heat to the tear it didn't say how high but you know it's a synthetic wig at the end of the day so you don't want to use like a hot heat on this wig okay MLF256 Vivienne color that I'm wearing is 2TLVP/DP so let's y'all let's let's get into this color because the color is super , super pretty I wasn't even sure how it would look on my complexion y'all but I'm definitely feeling this color so at the top you get the dark roots as you can see okay and then all throughout the hair you get that subtle blonde okay I don't even know what type of blonde this would be y'all but I'm really liking this blonde it's not too much but I feel like it's just  enough okay so I do like the color um it is a bob wig so you're gonna get it slightly shorter in the back so it's probably about a half inch difference between the back and then the front so you go short too long 10 to 12 inches in the front and like I said it's a little shorter in the back this wig don't come with any layering or anything like that it's just the straight wig all right as the Cap Construction there was two combs in the front one in the back and she came adjustable straps however I did take the adjustable straps apart because I felt like with the um straps on my head is a little bigger so it was it was a lot more snug so when you take them off if you have a bigger head it fits a lot more comfortable okay I feel like it's secured on my head so I don't think it's going anywhere okay so yes I am liking that about this wig semi big head friendly we're just going to put it that way.

Like I mentioned this is a free part so I decided to do like a slight right part on this wig okay so you get that 4 inch of parting um you're not gonna honestly I'm looking right here because my mirror is right here by the way but honestly you're not gonna need a cap with this wig because it is a transparent lace and y'all I'm noticing that you know whether you have like a dark cap or a light cap or medium cap or whatever the color is of the cap you still gonna see that cap through the lace so not even wear a cap you know why you wearing transparent laces because you can definitely see through it I did have to put a little bit of my tent spray on the lace that way you know match my skin complexion a little better it's coming ear to ear on me the ears has is right here as I mentioned before it is a free part wig so therefore you can't shift or rotate this wig but you can part it wherever you want to part it.

So my fingers just gliding right through this wig y'all I'm not getting any tangling or snag but nothing through this wig y'all and this wig is super soft it does have that natural feel to it like a natural density I'm liking that which is surprising because with this color a lot of times with colors especially blonde it feels kind of hard most of the time on wigs but this one is actually pretty soft honestly I did get some um shedding though you're gonna get just a little bit of shedding with this hair so just so y'all know okay this is given very much so sophisticated plop on and go work lady everyday type of wig okay it's nothing too extravagant but it's definitely giving classy sophisticated that that's the look I'm getting from this wig and she do come with a different variety of colors so okay if you want some more colors you definitely got that color option and I'm really liking the placement of this color too y'all so I did want to add that in there the placement is really,  really nice as far as the baby hairs I didn't use the baby hairs in my other video that I did um I put the baby hairs out and I didn't like how the baby hairs looked it on me with this wig but it is going to be that type of wig where you can wear them if you want if you don't want to you don't have to either way it's still going to be cute okay so yes you have that option if you're not with the baby hairs or you know whatever you can still you know use them if you don't you don't have to but yeah y'all this is Vivienne not much else to really say about this wig um if you want something you know plop on and go super easy it was really easy to install I didn't do much but cut the lace off it threw her on my head y'all and boom that's what she's looking like okay so yes I'm gonna go ahead and give y'all a quick 360.

Far as the price of this wig you're gonna be paying between 30 to 35 depending on what site you go to but of course I'm gonna leave beauty exchange company um down below in my description box so y'all go to that website check them out look at some different colors in this wig I really think it's super cute I'm gonna rate her eight okay she gets a solid 8 from me um let me know what y'all think below in the comments okay go ahead and subscribe to the channel if you haven't already give me a big thumbs up if you like this wig show and tell and once again thank you so much to beauty exchange company for sending me over this wig to review for y'all and yes thank y'all so much for watching and like always I'll see you in my next video.

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