Bobbi Boss Boss Hair 5.5" Deep Lace Part Lace Front Wig - MLF587 Velena Reviewed By KyReviews - Beauty Exchange Beauty Supply

 Hey everyone it's ky reviews and today I will be reviewing this bobbi boss unit she is very long and of course the color is nice and cute so if you're interested in where you can purchase this unit and of course the specs then please keep on watching.

So in today's video I have this unit from bobbi boss and her name is velena and this is brought to you by beauty exchange beauty supply so if you're interested in where you could purchase this in the beauty supply itself or online please be sure to keep to the end of this video so you all can get that type of information now let's get into the specs of this unit so this unit is a very long bobbi boss unit she isn't a 13x7 or anything like that it's just a center part unit as you all can see here all I did was add, add some wax stick and the heat to it so that way it stays nice and flat and also put my little concealer there uh my powder actually in the middle part area so you can wear this off to the side if you would like because it has no ear tabs so it doesn't make anything uncomfortable but of course you know I love my middle part so this is what it looks like right here.

Now this is a 5.5 deep lace so it does go to the crown of your head it stops literally right at the crown of your head there and it does have a lot of parting space which is really good the lace is quite nice as well and it blends pretty nicely with my powder and i didn't need to do much to it of course you can put your lace tint as well as the powder or concealer so that way it stays nice and natural as far as the cap goes it is a medi fresh cap which is you know there's no sort of germs or anything like that within the cap so you can be assured that it is a clean cap so that you can wear it as well it's not an issue or anything like that and it does come with baby hairs they're quite thin so you may need to add a little bit more if you would like but they do come with baby hairs where you can also trim off or use it if you would like and of course there is a flex cap it does have a lot of flex to it so if you are you have a smaller head size it may be a little bit of an issue but there is three combs two at the front one at the back with adjustable straps so you can adjust as you go it shouldn't be a problem I don't have any issues with it I haven't used the combs I usually don't so these this hair fits me quite well.

In terms of the heat safety as far as that like i always say please keep it within a reasonable amount you don't want it too hot or you don't want it too you know not too hot because you want it right in the middle like 350 to 375 in Fahrenheit um that way it could stay nice and not burn the unit because of course this is a synthetic unit you cannot bleach this you cannot dye it or anything like that unless if you're using synthetic dyes you can definitely go ahead with that in the beginning as you all can tell i was cutting off the lace it was ear-to-ear lace but it's just the middle part so if you're looking for something that is just in the middle and you're trying to just rock something out real quick this will be the one for you.

This color is the hlburgundy / red burgundy so it does come with this 1b then it goes into this darker kind of 99j and a lighter burgundy at the end and this is the curl at the end it's nice and loose and the hair is very, very soft I love how soft this is it's gorgeous and it feels very nice through the hands it doesn't feel too synthetic-like it feels really good for a synthetic unit one thing I do have a lot with this unit it does come with a little bit of shedding not that much um but it is there uh it is because of when I cut the lace things like that do happen so it's not unorthodox for that to happen but it does have a little bit of tangling as well because of the length of course the length is quite long so you will get some tangling there. 

Now let's get into the fun part when you on on you will notice that when you click on every single color doesn't matter if it's a 1 or 1b or even this color is not an extra fee so that is great because i know a lot of you are probably wondering does it have an extra fee it does not so definitely head over to beauty exchange they are located across Florida, Georgia and Ohio so they have 25 locations within those three states which is pretty awesome so if you are living within one of those states and you're trying to get this wig or any other wig that they may have you can definitely go and check them out in person they do have 25 locations within those three states and if you're like myself you are in New York city or anywhere else other than those three states you can definitely go ahead and purchase on it's so you all can go ahead and check them out there's free shipping over $55.00 also which is awesome.

 And of course they're on all social media platforms at beauty exchange so they're on Instagram, tiktok, YouTube , Facebook you name it all of those social media platforms they are there so whatever deals that they do have you can definitely go ahead and check that out any percentages that they have off definitely check it out they have some great deals especially on this unit considering that you don't have to pay extra for this gorgeous color or any other colors that they may have so if you're interested in purchasing this unit please be sure to check out or follow them on all of their social media platforms or if you're in within those three states Florida ,Georgia or Ohio you could definitely go check them out in person within those 25 locations so definitely go ahead and check them out I am quite excited to you know see whatever, whatever else units that they do have they are quite affordable so please go check them out I've looked through their website and I can say that I'm impressed by the prices.

So if you are interested please be sure to check those links in the description box and don't forget to subscribe like and share this video as well as follow me on all of my social media platforms links will be down below and I will see you all in another vide take care bye.

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