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What's up guys it's your girl chuchi and I'm here to show you this baby hair scarf so really it's from Janet collection melt and it's a bang lace scarf they call it bang lace um the inside the packaging it just shows you like how to use it or whatever so basically it tells you to know put your hair in uh like whatever style you're gonna put it in so it can be underneath the scarf that's what I'm doing this is like a super old sew-in I just went ahead and put it in a ponytail and I took it out the packaging and I'm just basically trying to see what's up with it place it on my head you know whatever , whatever.

So basically there it's really long and if I was really to go  um like super in on this and like customize it to me I would have cut the ear tabs but just for the sake of the video I just went ahead and just cut the lace off regularly I didn't like super customize the lace or anything I just went ahead and just cut the lace off and to me this was like the most aggravating part of the whole quote-unquote installed the baby hair scarf so yeah after we pretty much cut that off it was time to get it cracking I put it back on my head as you can see like it kind of passes my ears a little bit but I was like you know we going we gonna make it with it do.

So at this point I'm just you see where I'm holding it like right there at the tips I would have cut that but I was like you know what let's just finesse it and put it on top of my ears that's what you would do with a scarf anyway so I was just having a little time putting the baby hair scarf on so I just decided to you know what let me get into it and just tie this baby down like if I was really about to tie my hair down so after I did that I'm like okay we got it on it's cool and it is looking like a bang I was thinking of doing a bang at first because it says bang I was like ah ah sweetie this is too thin for\ a bang so we just went ahead and did the baby hairs so for me I like dramatic baby hairs and I feel like the best way to get the baby hairs dramatic baby hairs with the super curly ends is if you cut it a little bit like I'm showing you here and then you take a a pencil flat iron I didn't have my pencil flat iron with me so I just use this half inch flat iron and I just went ahead and just curled it up now I feel like I thought I had my pencil flat iron sweetie yeah it would have really gave the girls curl but we know we had to do we had to do.

So I just went ahead and curled everything up and I didn't spray anything on my lace or anything the only thing that you will see me use in a little bit is some edge control so yeah just take your time and curl up everything curl it up curl it up curl it up and after you do that excuse me you will be able to curl your edges um with the baby hair like brush method so I went ahead and used Edge booster and as you can see I'm just working it in and then me already curling it , it just gave that swoop you know it just it just lets it go in the motion that you want to go in one time for my braided Alicia she taught me how to do my edges she's the baby hair queen so yeah she basically taught me how to do it when I got my hair done a few weeks ago and ever since then I mean but baby haring it up.

So as you can see just you know just take your time follow the swoop and just bring it up and try not to get too much product on your baby hair it just I feel like that's the main thing people be like messing up you don't need a lot of product especially after you curl it because the hair gonna curl because you already curled it okay so don't be putting too much product just basically put it just a little bit at the root like how you saw I just did it and then just curling you just want to use it enough so that basically it'll lay down you know to your head or whatever.

So yeah after I laid this piece down  right here I'm pretty much done I really like the end result of this I feel like it's a cute um you know like to go style or like if your hair messed up you need to go to the to the store or like you know you're in between hairstyles or shoot you just don't feel like doing your damn hair you know you just throw you on your baby hair scarf and if you want to purchase this you can get it from mybeautyexchange.com I got mine from there and I used to code Xoff10 for 10% off and yeah y'all make sure to go and grab you one of these super cute easy to style things I will see you guys on the next video make sure to like comment and subscribe.

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