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 Hey y'all it's a real girl trey so today I am doing this look if you want to see how I got this look make sure you stay tuned.

Today Beauty Exchange is sponsoring  this video thank you so much Beauty Exchange  this is the package that it came in this is the box that wig came in it's by Outre it's called kalinda  something like that trust this is the wig fresh out the box it was so cute y'all it was given mind yall  this is a 360 lace I never had a 360 synthetic wig lace so I was very happy to do this wig make sure y'all shop beauty Exchange all the details will be in my description down below.

How you guys doing today it's a real girl trey today Beauty Exchange is sponsoring this video period thank you Beauty Exchange for sending me this wig I really appreciate it I'm gonna jump into it now I'm having a rough time okay this wig is very beautiful y'all it's nice soft it's it got a kinky texture to it I already plucked the hairline a little bit if you see my fingernail missing y'all that nail would not stick And I don't have the time or the patient the stock car her name is kalinda  and it's a 360 front so lace wig 13x6 period oh and it's a human hair blend we love that you know they come with the comes the elastic band all that good stuff I got in the color  golden honey blonde so I'm gonna apply makeup to my lace right quick y'all right quick right quick.

So y'all I just take any brown color makeup powder and just put it all over the lace so it can you know make my lace blend with my skin.

Now I'm just taking the wig and fitting it to my head making sure it's snug or it lined up bright you know all that good stuff then I take some alcohol and wipe all the makeup off my forehead even though I left pieces blank just so I won't have to take up all my makeup let's just do that with 99 alcohol make sure it's real nice and clean so my wig can stick to my head.

So now I'm taking boho glue and dotting it all over my forehead making sure I'm getting it nice and smooth now I know when I apply my wig the glue is not fully like clear don't do that y'all do not do that I mean sometimes you can get it dry and you know clear again but don't do that you're not supposed to do that but I wasn't in a rush but you know I was just ready to put this wig on my head so I can look like a bad bitch  period so I could be fine or whatever trust so I did like three layers of glue dried it you know.

See y'all that's what I was talking about see my glue wasn't fully clear yet and I started sticking down my wig which was fine everything worked out in the end but you're not supposed to do that and I don't want yall following me and y'all be like dang what's going on my glue wasn't fully like tacky I mean it was tacky but it wasn't tacky it wasn't clear yet so yeah now yall see me putting the wig on the glue making sure everything is lined up properly and it's laying flat flat now I'm just coming the wig back you know digging the glue in that's not how you properly say it but yeah just making sure the glue is in the lace okay then I put my elastic band on dried it  make sure everything nice and clean and smooth.

I just want to know did yall subscribe yet?   like yall need to subscribe to my channel i know I be going missing sometimes I know , I know but I be here  and make sure you shop Beauty Exchange make sure you get this wig y'all if it's lit I love to color now the curls is giving a little too much for me I'm going try to comb it out as much as I can because it's giving me candy girl and I don't really like that but other than that it's real nice though I want to try to style it I don't know what type of style I'm doing yet but yes y'all but this way is very much a giving we're gonna figure it out y'all I don't know how my lace is looking Because ,  because as y'all can see I just threw the glue on by accident it wasn't on purpose because um my thing is missing off the thing so I got to go in there dig it  out girl I just need a new glue make sure y'all shop Beauty Exchange okay y'all I'm so grateful.

Just like I said in the last video they sponsored I'm very grateful because I've been going to Beauty exchange all my life ,all my life and y'all want to sponsor me you want to send me wigs to review period that's like a it's like a come up to me so y'all just letting it melt in and I'll be back y'all when I'm gonna take it off and cut it I wish I was like one of them girls that could just spray their wigs on but honestly that little spraying mess don't work for me like it just don't stick or if it don't stick it'd be looking real nasty like it'd be all white and girl no that ain't for me okay and I already went synthetic wigs I don't need nobody talking about oh they can see my lace or oh your lace look nasty nah I don't need that I don't need that period. 

Ok yall sis this lace I don't know yall I might leave some extra lace hanging off alright y'all let see what it's hitting for let's cut this lace try not to cut myself am I already cutting myself Jesus.

 I took the foundation brush that I did my makeup with just to blend in the edges of the lace I'm gonna do a middle part just to do my baby hairs.

I'm using gots to b gel to do my baby hairs I'm dead what if I leave my baby hairs  like this period I was just doing that long so I can curl them.

Ok , this is how it will look in the middle part trust  now let's do a side part see if we like that this how it look in the side part side part give now It gives in the side part honey  who I love the side part I don't know every time I have big hair or kinky hair side part always give like look at it let's do a little up do I don't know I'm feeling this one. 

All right y'all I could not do these buns on camera I'm so sorry y'all two messy buns I thought this was so cute but I'm gonna add these little Clips I'm so sorry y'all that I could not show y'all but it's just like.

Oh my God yeah I'm finally done after 10 years this look is real cute y'all please understand that it took some time to do this honey some time oh I hope y'all like make sure you like comment subscribe and make sure you shop beauty exchange they have locations in Florida I think in Georgia  thank you so much Beauty Exchange for sponsoring this video and yall have a nice day I hope y'all enjoyed this look I'm feeling really cute.

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