Sensationnel 3x Ruwa Pre-Stretched Braiding Hair 24" Reviewed By Touch By Tiny - Beauty Exchange Beauty Supply
welcome back to my channel.
Okay first and foremost I want to say that um I have been taking back a little bit because I have so much going on you guys and i have a little bit of good news as well which is so exciting but um I had to take a step back away from everything you guys because I'm like all over the place but it's a good all over the place like I'm literally working and making sure everything is on point and trying to better myself bettering my business and just try to learn and how to grow my business so y'all haven't been seeing me and I apologize.
Okay one of the good news that I have to share with you guys or I want to share and I'm so excited to share with you guys is I have partnered up with one of like biggest hair companies here and um it's very exciting okay so um yes I partner up with beauty exchange you guys this is like a dream okay as a hair stylist or braider whatever you want to call it um someone who's in the industry for um you know big corporations or hair stores that want to reach out to you to um collaborate with them like that is huge that is so huge so I'm super excited yes I'm super excited you guys but so they've sent me a package.
They sent me a package that I have been waiting to um show you guys and I've been to do my hair as you can see I'm still rocking my wig okay which is very lit and very convenient but um so let's get into our package you guys yes let's open this bad boy up look at all these goodies here oh my goodness yes yes yes oh I got a card thank you for choosing to collaborate with beauty exchange it is my pleasure okay it is my pleasure I'm so excited yes oh my goodness this is so awesome so they sent me some braiding hair you guys so I have some braiding hair and it looks like it's they sent me five packs of epic braiding hair and each pack have three yes.
but I'm super excited to use this brand because it looks like it's a lot of hair in there which is a great thing um that means you get you know more but for your what's to saying you guys i don't know what the saying is but you get more for your money okay so that's super exciting it's tangle free that's really good because I don't like when I'm braiding and it's like all tangled and matted up itch free okay anti-bacterial fiber yes okay you dip it in hot water it's pre-stretched pre-cut pre-layered i am here for all of this okay hot water curl braid um so if I wanted to curl my braids just braid it up into you know um a specific way and dip it in the hot water.
oh you guys they also sent me oh I know a lot of people like accessories I love these cute little accessories they sent me some gold accessories they also oh my god this is fun they've also sent me a edge tamer brush as well as the edge tamer edge control okay okay okay and I have lashes oh my god dang y'all know how to take care of a girl okay so I got some lashes edge control edge control brush some accessories it's packs of hair now the next step is what to do with this hair and I can't wait to sit down and figure out what I'm about to do but I know whatever it is y'all know I'm about to slay okay.
much beauty exchange I'm super excited thank you ,thank you thank you, thank you ,thank you yes oh my goodness so y'all please stay tuned the next video will be the slay okay and don't forget to go check out beauty exchange I know for a fact beauty exchange day here in Florida all over Florida visit you guys to find your nearest location that's okay this is so exciting y'all please be sure to check out for your newest location thank you guys so very much for watching please don't forget to like subscribe and hit the bell button.
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