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What's up YouTube it's your girl Mya Monet and today's video is gonna be something different today's video I'm gonna be letting my boyfriend do my voice over of my wig and style today I will be working with beauty exchange they sent me a package and they sent me a synthetic wig I'm going to show you guys the wig and  all that so I don't have people in my comments like send me the wig send me that I will leave all of the information inside my description box too.                                                           

But basically what I'm going to do is show you guys the box show you guys the wig and get to the install process so lets go I'm so excited like I'm always so excited and this product is very cheap so you do not have to make it rain baby you don't got to make it rain all you got to do is spend 44 dollars to get what to get this beautiful style that I didn't even do yet but I know it's going to beautiful because I believe in myself.

They sent me this huge box with their name on it I don't show you guys my address obviously because you know that wouldn't be great they sent me some lashes that I might be putting on for this video they sent me two wig caps yes in a color dark beige which probably be too dark but I'm still gonna use them and then they sent me the wig so this is the wig right here  so I'm so excited to use this wig because I never had a synthetic wig before and I'm super duper excited because synthetic wigs are the moves wig is actually HD so get into it right now let's just get right into the video. 

Wig transparent too pid best friend yes g , p what she doing right now is oh that's what kind of wig is that but any who what she doing right now is showing y'all the wig y'all see she's shaking and stuff extra , look she cutting off them the things that be clipping onto your head yeah she she's cutting them off she said they be hurting her.

But anyways oh Jesus getting very much oh y'all know what she look like she's like riley off the boondocks g just like em now she putting some oil on her head what type of oil that is hmm okay fancy you got a little thing um g she look like riley bro bye that's edge control and why is there umm a  little bobby pin in there ghetto.

What she doing right now is you know she using her edge brush you can get that from the beauty supply one of  your local beauty supply whatever you you can actually get it from Walgreens too what she doing is brushing her um edges back you know cuz she's gonna put that wig cap on period.

It's giving now she got her blow dryer how blow dry sound g I know that head itching girl it's kind of her skin tone the little wig cap that's her skin tone just a little bit lighter g I hate when she be pulling all the way down past her nose like girl extra.

G what's she doing right now is getting her gots to be glue you can get that at the beauty supply  too and she's spraying it on her edges oh bless you girl achoo  y'all see what she doing okay I ain't know you knew how to do all this  fancy that's a cute little um you know comb she got her blow dryer again girl shhh.

Y'all I'm trying to do the blower dryer sound don't mind me oh HD pid pid she ain't have to put it on her chin like that extra you got a new makeup palette best friend wait where you get that from you ain't tell me shoot I'm supposed to know  everything but anyways what she doing right now is putting her um her um you know  makeup on the um lace because you need to put it on the lace y'all , y'all girls be y'all be putting on that lace and yall be giving scalp.

Yeah yeah I gotta say on this wig these knots are so freaking good it's literally like y'all it does not look like them big big fat knots that I get on my human hair with these knots are so freaking small like yes I will start wearing synthetic wigs more because this right here I like I like this and y'all I like how the wig is HD like I tried to put it to my chin to show you guys but any who let's go back to voiceover.

She used her gots to be  glue again on her um on the lace and she doing the blow dryer again  okay now she putting some makeup and she used her mirror she put the makeup on her uh oh do um what's that called wig cap to make it blend in pat , pat , pat , pat , pat okay oh speed it up okay she putting all over y'all y'all gotta put it all over all over okay not what  she finna do she  finna use some scissors yall  look she finna use some scissors see how she do that see she raw g y'all see how she's do that  y'all see how she do that period bitches could never period. 

She cutting it y'all got to make sure y'all cut like all of it off now she using her gots to be glue  y'all see how it's like like it's kind of like um it's kind of coming up a little bit that that gots to be glue gonna get y'all straight before y'all put that glue down see what she doing take notes y'all take notes see how it's coming up see she's laying it down she's trying her best shit she in the mirror look at her g.

G not get into her eye being stupid g she a  goofy y'all see , see y'all dont take no notes g nah see how you do try to put it all close to your head should of been backing up look at her done messed her eye up yes that's what you get shouldn't be doing all that yeah I know it hurt I know it hurt hope it burn come on girl get back to the video come on come on we don't care about that eye.

Yeah ya'll see  her now she's getting her cotton pads , which hazel you use alcohol , which hazel either one get all the excess you know spray glue oh that was fast but what she doing now  is you know she um sizing it to her head she might do some cutting too yeah she had to do some cutting I knew that okay ,  gene not my brother in the background he need to bring it down three notches to before I come in there   but anyways she got her  gots to be glue she putting on her little thing y'all see what she doing.

Y'all yea I be using the gots to be glue  um you know gel too yea it's slicking down to y'all get y'all right pid look at her she thinks she professional dry to tacky y'all see that on screen take notes yes best friend giving very much boiled egg y'all see how she's applying layers she used to be using her glue but it's another way y'all could do it too see she's putting the blow dryer on it then she pulling it down y'all pull it down don't put it down too far because y'all be having it by your arm now y'all girls having about y'all eyebrows like all the way down dudes y'all see how she doing it y'all do it like that.

Okay y'all see see she making sure it's right don't have it down too far now  see how she holding it use her tube going in with her going in with her gots to be glue and her comb a sparkly comb see how she got that blow dryer yall , yall know the blow dryer sound okay she done now is that a sock I don't know what that is but she putting it to hold her hold her um her lacing in place oh you know hold it in place so it wont  move oh that's her little wig strings see she a professional y'all ain't got that now I know y'all don't see oh its giving length it's giving very much length pid she thinks she cute ,  bad look yeah that only y'all can't even lie don't look like no synthetic wig baby  it looks human it's giving volume yes.

Best friend is giving girl it's giving she be she be she be effing them up bro y'all know my best friend be effing them up she be eating y'all up g with this hair stuff y'all cannot y'all cannot compete pid look what that is what's that I don't know what that is y'all but I think she messed up a little bit but she still oh she going in here y'all know the eyebrow thing archer she going in with it she cutting it y'all can cut it three ways she said that's easier see I be taking notes she be um she said that's easy to cut it into three and make it easier for her so whatever make easy for y'all do it okay she going in with it  y'all see she cutting around it oh she done cut off some hair I think that's what she was tending to do but mm-hmm but y'all see yeah. 

Oh yeah her forehead look big but we ain't gonna talk about that so she got her um y'all know um hold and place things she's going in with her blow dryer oh she's making her edges now y'all she got edge control she got some edge color from this company i forgot the name of it I think she had it in the um in the description below she plucking it y'all and she using her edge brush I told y'all , y'all get the edge brush from beauty supply  Beauty supply I like the edge this is cute girl  girl she looking cute.

Okay before I do my outro I just want to say one thing i do have two braids on each side and since it is a teapot wig I feel like it's low-key making the wig look a little bulky but um I'll find maybe I can hot comb it I didn't know for sure if I could hot comb it because I want it to burn up but let's just go into the outro I just want to say that it kind of looks lumpy like this but whatever.

Okay y'all so this is the final product and I love this wig so much if you guys like this wig make sure you leave a big thumbs up make sure you subscribe to my channel for more content like this make sure you guys follow me on Instagram keep up with me you know keep up  with my life whatever whatever make sure you guys turn around post notifications so you can see every time I upload a new video I do do a lot of hair videos but I do have a shein haul coming soon so make sure you guys turn on your post notifications so you guys see when that video goes up um I don't really have much to say I just want to say thank you to beauty exchange  for sending me this wig I very much appreciate you guys all of their information will be linked in my  description box below but thank you guys for watching bye.

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