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Welcome back to my channel I am back today with another video and as y'all can tell by the title and of course the thumbnail we have another wig to do a review on and of course this is she who we will be talking about in a minute but before we get too far into the video I definitely want to give a huge shout out to beauty exchange beauty Supply for sending me this unit to do a review on thank you very much  and of course I do appreciate y'all.


So just in case you have not heard about they are a beauty supply store that specializes in top brand names and of course they also have 25 locations across Florida , Georgia and Ohio and of course you already know we can shop online but anyway let's get into this wig so what I'm showing y'all right now is a wig that I have from Bobbi boss this one is called bolanle I think that's how you pronounce her name the color that i have is in color #BTHL1B/350 a few details about this wig is that we have a 3.5 d part this is a HD lace wig medi fresh safe and clean cap special color options baby hairs , flex fit cap and we can heat through some ups I don't know how much so um yeah it doesn't stay on the stock card. 


But anyway yeah I'm gonna go ahead and style her up just continue on watching the full review I'm gonna give y'all  everything y'all need to know so um yeah definitely watch the end and yeah I'll talk to y'all in a few minutes.



Okay baloney I mean not baloney bolanle coming through with the asymmetrical versatile type of wig okay y'all so let's get into this wig i have so many good things to say about this one i don't even think I have a con but just continue watching I might think of something by the end of the video but right now let's get into all this good stuff so first of all I do like the style the style is super super cute I love me a cute little bob we have some light waves in this one when I say light I mean it's like mean it lightweight anyway the whole point of it all cute cute style definitely love the versatility of this one we can shift this to the left or the right as y'all can see we did have a little asymmetrical situation and I am so here for it I love me a asymmetrical excuse the pronunciation i never  pronounced that word right but um yeah I love a cute little you know longer on one side shorter on the other side type of bob and of course this middle part in space is really really nice so um the next best thing that I really love about this one this one is a light yaki texture really really nice but of course.

Y'all this one is super super super super soft and lightweight this is perfect for the summer time I mean she is I mean she has some body as y'all can see when I'm moving she is moving just like that as y'all can see the wind blows she's gonna be blowing with the wind also as for this color the color that I have is #BTHL1B/350 and I am loving the highlight so I love a good little face framing type of color and this is really really cute length is perfect in my opinion i have been running my fingers through it y'all and I have not been getting tangled they use some very very good high quality synthetic hair on this one in my opinion it's very very good.

as y'all can see um i did not get a lot of shedding that's another good thing so very light shedding I haven't gotten any tangles at all so I can't even say light tangles density is really really nice I think it's perfect it looks natural in my opinion and I love the parting space I mean perfect yeah this one is very very easy to put on I mean this is just to me in my opinion a plop and go you can put them on and y'all can keep it moving and walk straight out of the door.


So basically that's all of my thoughts on so this one I am a fan if I can come up with anything that in my opinion is not even very much relevant in my opinion if the baby hairs were a little bit too long but of course we can cut it I wish they are a little thinner but that's still fixable so basically it's not really anything to complain about especially when you look at the price this one right here for the natural colors only $31.99 and if you want to spice up just a little bit with a little splash of colors you have to pay $3.00 but overall y'all I am definitely loving the price very very affordable in my opinion y'all I mean you already see what inflation has been doing to us and anything that's 30 something dollars I'm all here for it and this one is definitely in my opinion very much worth the price so so if you're interested in this one i will leave the direct link to and of course directly to their site if you know you might want to shop around or whatever.


So anyway definitely go ahead and check them out very , very good company and I am going to end this video please like subscribe of course comment let me know what y'all think of this one and I will see y'all in my next video. 

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