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Baby, if you are ready like I am let's find out all about miss Vossmi Signature Wigs so big thank you to beauty exchange for sending out this unit this is by a company that i have never heard of this is Vossmi Signature Full Lace Wig! OH, did i see full lace, did i say full lace? Full lace wig baby this will be more of a first impression type of

review and baby i can tell you right now, the box alone is doing it for me, do you

see this and this is not that cardboard baby okay this is not that flimsy cardboard

she's solid baby like a rock!


Oh okay, this is not a full lace unit however it is a 13x4 Frontal Lace Wig Unit, so my apologies for that, but Beauty Exchange does have full lace wig units available.

uh so yeah first impressions I must say the hair looks good it's nice and soft this is a dense unit I don't know if I’m going to keep the length now, they did send me 24

inches as I mentioned and them wheels are turning baby.


I seriously, you know I had my I had my hesitations about this lace but, Baby

check out the sideburn melt, and it's not even glued down!

Okay, we shall continue so I’m going to trim the ends on this unit I do have two ponytail holders ring so I’m just going to put these right where I think I might want to cut it.

once you cut this off it is not going to grow back so we must cut with precision.


I’m so proud of myself and I feel so dang cute! Thank you to Beauty Exchange for

sending out this 13x4 frontal lace unit by Vossmi Signature Wigs hair and as I mentioned this is my first go-around with this company so I cannot speak for the consistency as far as their other units but this one right here, she's doing what she needs to do I am using the adjustable straps in the back I did want to give you something flat, baby for that glue-less wig finish!


The knots on this 13x4 frontal lace unit are not bleached so I really thought that was going to be an issue but baby, as I said scalp is in the building! I did take the

liberty of plucking just a little bit more out of this hairline, it does come pre-plucked as you saw in the beginning you know me I got to put a little jewels to my units swoopy swoops on deck baby! And baby listen, everything about this hairline is a1!


I think this blend so dang good the hair fluffed up perfectly just what I wanted you saw in the beginning review was kind of going lift so I had to bring it on back I did plan for a middle part with this unit and it just I don't know I chickened out at the last minute with

with the dip nice side part and I think these curls fluffed up so dang good this would look so bomb in a middle part even with some bangs in here!


24 inches was looking nicely on me as I mentioned I did want something you know more summertime appropriate baby something carefree picnic and mimosa ready first go around shaping like fully shaping a curly unit and I’m here to tell you if I can do it

you could do it too hello and it's just a matter of holding the hair straight out cutting down and curving it and you're good to go scale!



OUT of 1 to 10 with Vossmi Signature 13x4 Frontal Lace Wig I am going to give this about an 8.5 or 9!


(only because of the lace, as i mentioned no problem we blended it, looks good scalp in the building & that sold me on the wig almost already!


if you are interested in checking out this unit definitely check out beauty exchange


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