Sensationnel Butta Lace Human Hair Blend Lace Front Wig Loose Curly 32" Reviewed By : Mikayla Janee - Beauty Exchange Beauty Supply


Hi guys so I'm back I've been off YouTube for a while but today I am going to be reviewing a wig that I was sent by a company called beauty exchange um they sell like a bunch of beauty supplies and stuff like that so I'm going to show y'all how I put the wig  on if I could just open the box and my hair right now looks a mess like it's been under wig.

So the first thing in the thing in the box got this card that says thank you um it has all like their social media on it and stuff and the wig I'm going to review today's called it's by sensational um it's called Butta lace human hair blend lace front wig and it's 32 inches so it's pretty long this is what the box looks like it comes in a little purple box and then that's what the wig I guess that's what it looks like um I'm not like an expert at installing wigs but since this does already have like parting on it I think you know I will probably be able to work this wig like I want to.

So this is what it looks like when you open the package that that is the stock card we're gonna take it out the pack take the stuff off the um this little mesh thing and from just first impression this wig I already like it because it's very lightweight um and okay I think well they sent me a 1 um what I normally wear is a 2 but we can make this work I normally don't like like super dark hair on me but we're gonna see how this does like we're gonna see.

So and y'all I'm on my way to work so um I want to make this like kind of I want to see how fast I'm able to work this wig and then I'll probably make a separate video of like um really customizing it but I mean this is cute this looks uh good I love the curl pattern it's very soft um and like I said it's lightweight I love a lightweight wig like it's just I love a lightweight wig so because you forget you have it on.

So the first thing I'm going to first thing I'm going to do is I have my brush I need to my hair has been like in a half wig or whatever and it's like a ponytail it just looks really bad but we're going to put this wig on right now I'm just gonna brush back like my edges or whatever.

So I got in the back just to make it flat my hair is like so dry and just broken off right now I'm probably going to cut it off again to be completely honest like this stuff but I'm going to use this it's got to be ultra glued I'm just going to take a little bit of it  if it'll come out and just put a little bit around my perimeter please don't mind my nails my nails are nubs right now and they need to be done I still got like a little bit of acrylic on them I went through a lot of bs last week and when I start to get very like stressed and stuff I bite my nails off so that's what happened.

Um okay so let me just brush back brush every hair back like that just brush it back until it's pretty sleek or whatever all right so I got it brushed back I'm gonna place my wig cap and okay so since I'm not doing the bald cap method like I said I'm like kind of in a not like in a rush but um I want to make this quick.

Um what I'm going to do is I'm going to take some makeup um I'm gonna take this la girls mineral powder and just put it where I know I'm gonna do my like kind of like my part or whatever like I said I am not a uh I love wigs but I am not a like a person that is like excellent at um customizing wigs and stuff.

So if y'all don't like this method um you're welcome to do like whatever method that you like to do but this is just my quick method so I'm going to put a little like on the sides okay you can see where that is I put the wig on my head and I can already tell I'm going like this wig because it is um like I said it's flat and it's lightweight but this is what it looks like before I cut the lace and do everything that I need to do this is the parting space um it is a full lace well in the front it's a lace front I'm not going to utilize this part yet um for today I'm just going to do like my middle part or whatever.

So what I'm going to do is I'm going to clip this hair back so I could cut the lace off um with the clip ouch just stab myself that hurt and it does come with baby hairs which I love and I'm just going to cut the lace and I don't cut my lace no type of specific way uh so I don't want to hear oh my gosh what it why did she cut the lace like that I don't cut it no specific way and just cut it straight across to get all the little lace the excess lace off and I'm using a razor comb well uh what is this called a razor I don't know and like I said I'm not gonna worry too much about the side once again I'm not gonna worry about the side because you're not gonna see this side because it's just gonna be straight down.

So all right so to lay it down got to be spray like I could feel it already getting a little sticky all right what I'm gonna do is that line you can kind of see it so I'm gonna take some more of my makeup and just put it where I feel like you can see that lace that looks better I'm not gonna do the sides because once again you're not really going to see that.

So um this is what it looks like without me plucking the part I like I said I'd normally do a #2 because it looks more natural but this is pretty um so now what I'm going to do is I need to find my comb here we go and I'm just uh flatten in the top before I do what I'm about to do now what I'm going to do is I'm going to pull out some baby hairs  oh somebody texting me all right.

So how I pluck I just take a little bit of some hair out and this is like the old method without using tweezers but I just take out a slice of hair a thin slice and I just start to pull be careful doing this though because you can put a hole in the wig I've done that before pulling too rough pulling too many out too , too much hair at a time out so just be very careful about that I'm I'll pull another slice in the mirror ahead of me so and again i don't like my part too , too wide so I'm gonna pull out that much hair because I'm gonna use some makeup anyway to make uh part look really good like I think this looks I think this looks good this part because it's about to look a little bit more natural once i put this makeup on it.

I'm gonna take my makeup brush I'm gonna use the same powder that I just used and put it in the part and as y'all can see it just looks better already all right I'm not mad at this hair oh shoot! , I'm not mad at this hair at all uh now I'm about to flatten so I'm gonna take my got to be I'm going to spray this brush and I'm just going to brush where I feel like it needs to be a little bit more flat at the top.

So now I'm gonna do my baby hair because obviously it came with baby hair so I'm gonna just cut a little bit off because I feel like this is too long for me so I just cut it make it look a little bit more natural some hair in my face all right what i used for my baby hair i used some nairobi for my baby hair and just an edge brush once again you're going to take your nairobi your edge brush and this kind of just molds the hair baby hair i don't like for it to look too too harsh so that's part of the reason why i use the nairobi foam.

All right so this is basically the finished look first off hold on hold on because i told y'all like that uh that harsh baby hair look i hate that bless me! ,  so this is pretty much like the finished look i didn't do much to it so this is what not doing much to it gets you which it still looks bomb it comes right under my boob area and um the hair is like super soft i'm about to keep trying to um fix my baby hair maybe i need to use some gel eco styling gel just to see if i can get it to maneuver more of the way that i wanted to so yeah this is basically the finished look it's bomb.

Like i said i definitely would have gotten uh my #2 but i'm not i'm not mad at this wig i'm , i'm not mad at it all right and i will catch you guys later thank you!.

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