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What's tea it's your girl Latanique Sharde and i'm back again with another video and in this video i'm going to be telling you all about this hair that was provided to me by beauty exchange okay so if you want to know how i got this color this install and the details on this hair stay tuned.
Okay this hair was provided to me by beauty exchange if you don't know what
beauty exchange is beauty exchange is the number one hair store literally the bombest hair store that you could possibly go to okay they have hair stores all around Florida and i believe in Georgia so if you in Florida you want to know where beauty exchange at go on mybeautyexchange.com type in your zip code and i'm telling you they got one in your city or near your city you will never go wrong with beauty exchange from hair to product they got it all.
Okay so now i'm gonna get out of the details on the hair we're going to put the iPhone on the screen beauty exchange provided me with a 613 closure from a company called B & B express it is 14 inches it can be dyed , perm and bleached and just off looking at it you can see the quality is great honey and it's not that trash #613 hair this is some bomb #613 okay looking at the closure you can see just by the luster of the hair bomb honey is the bomb the lace is not hard it's not rough it's very thin and the knots are not thick like most #613 hair honey beauty exchange took me up okay period from the feel the way the knots look and the lace look this is some good #613 hair honey
This is how the bundles came packaged i have a 16” 18” 20” and these are also from same company B & B express it can be dyed permanent bleach its the same thing as a closure you can tell it's a great quality now just off taking them out the package you can see that nice shine that nice luster you can tell this is some great quality #613 hair period okay to achieve this hair color i went ahead and i put some hot water in a container i added a few drops of purple shampoo and then i went ahead and dipped my #613 hair i decided to do that because i didn't want the yellow tone to mix with the green and give me a whole another kind of color so i did that so that i can get a very ash blonde once i finished doing that i added some more hot water to my container then i went ahead and added a few drops of sweet mint and i dipped my hair now once you see me installing this hair you're going to see that my hair was very pigmented and it went into a faded mint green the way that i achieved that is i put i put more color inside of the container when i decided to dip my closure in the very short bundle because i wanted those to have the most pigment once i got to the longer length the last two bundles i decided to dip it slightly to where it's not so pigmented but it's just a little bit of a hint of a mint green because at that point i wanted it to go from a very pigmented to look to a slight mint green at the bottom so that is what i did to achieve the color.
Now how i got these roots to be dark honey i decided to use kiss temptations forest green i believe that's the color that i used and i went ahead and brushed the closure you know and slightly dusted on the roots i didn't do too much it's not too crazy as you can see iPhone on the screen again i decided to brush all of the hair back and i went and i parted out the very front of the front of the closure i did not want to touch that yet so i'm working with the section i'm on and i decided to just pluck lightly you know ain't really have to do too much because this closure the knots were not big so it wasn't nothing that i had to really try to rip out it was a perfect closure literally like not perfect literally
So i went ahead and i plucked once i finished plucking that section i brushed the front over and i decided to lightly pluck the front just so it wouldn't be like a straight line for my hairline now that i got that out of the way now we're going to get into this install okay so okay i went ahead and did my Bald cap to put my makeup on my lace already off camera right now i'm just adjusting my wig making sure it's sitting where i want it to sit before i go ahead and apply my glue now lace glue you can definitely find a beauty exchange they have a very high variety and me personally when i'm doing my lace glue i like to apply my layers back to back i don't wait for one to dry i like to apply back to back so that they can like mesh together and become extremely sticky so that's what i'm going to be doing right now applying layer after layer now waiting for the other to become clear.
Okay i did i think i did about three to four layers now once the layers are done and they're dry i'm gonna go ahead and go ahead and put my lace down now when i'm putting my lace down one thing that i like to do is stretch it i don't like for it to just be like set there i stretch my lace so you're going to see me pull like that i'm going to take my comb and i'm just going to comb it into place like that i like to stretch it so i don't have no ripples in my hair okay i'm gonna do the same thing to the other side.
I go in with my finger and i press down just so i can make sure that the glue is like seeping through once i do that i will take a razor comb i'll cut a little piece and i cut off all the excess lace anything that is not glued down is getting cut i'm not going back in i'm not going to try to re-glue anything down i'm just going to completely cut it because it's not needed any places that stick up from the glue just press it back in sis it's gonna it's gonna stick okay did it to one side now i'm going to go ahead and do the same exact thing to the other side.
Okay now that i'm done i got my lace laying down i'm going to go ahead and make sure it's laying how i need it lay comb it out make sure everything is set out once when again if any laces sticking up just go ahead and press it in it's going to stick trust me combing  in my hair to make sure everything is laying how i want to lay it's like length at this point i'm just checking to make sure everything is flowing how i want it to flow before i move any further anything i need to tweak or change now i'm going to go into my baby hairs and i just do a little swoop here swoop there i like to make sure i swoop the very ends of the closures just so they can fall into the hair and make it look like a frontal illusion so that's what you're going to see you see me do that swoop then you're going to see me pull some hair out at the very end and swoop it into the hairs just so i can have the illusion like i have a frontal once the hair falls completely over like so and i'm just going to keep messing with my baby hairs to their to my liking.
Okay now i'm just again checking the hair making sure everything is falling how i want it to fall i go back in and i cut hair because you're always going to have to go back in and fix your work once something's on your head the mannequin in your head is two different things so you always gonna have to go back in and refresh it okay i'm just making sure everything fits now i like that this look but i just felt like i wanted something different so you know after tweaking it after cutting the layers in the front so i could give me that wrapped effect i decided to go ahead and chop it and when i chopped this sis i had felt like a New bitch okay it gave me something else and i was feeling her yup like that that gave me everything summer ready period okay yup like that.
Okay after you guys seen the install and y'all seen me chop this hair this is what i am left with and i am feeling it honey i am feeling her I.m feeling her okay i'm feeling her honey this is giving me very much spring summer statement piece period everything that you seem me use to achieve this color to this install you can definitely find a beauty exchange honey everything you can find at beauty exchange all the products that i decided to use i will list down below so that you guys can know if you decide to go get them and yes girl this piece is hitting.
If you want to see more videos like this please comment like and subscribe your girl is back and again thank you to beauty exchange for providing this hair honey and all the products that i use again all the products that i use from the mannequin heads and mannequins things to the hair to the colors the products to make this look be what it is you can find all of these products at beauty exchange
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