Bobbi Boss Boss Lace Synthetic Lace Front Wig - MLF702 Tanya Reviewed By Tare - Beauty Exchange Beauty Supply
Hi guys , welcome back to my YouTube channel my name is Tare and if you don't know me i do affordable wigs for my baddies on the budget this wig is by Bobbi boss and i did receive this from beauty exchange and this is their unit that is the i believe it's like the no grip it's like seamless you could just put it on without like installing it um it's a whole new series which i think it's a really good concept for synthetic wigs because it gives you the options to not want to glue it down but you know me i'm still going to glue it down i'm still going to put my edges on still going to do my baby hairs that's just how i how i am but this is really a cool concept where you can just like you don't have to have you know glued a wig down especially for all my girls who um are beginners this could be a really good wig for you but we're going to start this off how we start off every video we're going to start off by you know trying the wig on and see if its big head friendly yes it is and honestly it's because i have a sick press and my hair is straight so i literally just wrap my hair and put that on.
But yeah and then we're going to go ahead and go my tin tip moisturizer
and the cream base foundation i think it's by kiss but yeah i'll go ahead and do both of those and alternate between those just to make sure that my lace is matching my hair so it can look like scalp baby so yeah um this color that i got is actually called TF SUNSET ORANGE and this is in the style Tanya so she is giving actually Tanya she is super cute but we're going to go ahead with the process of me just laying my hair i'm really going in on trying to make sure that this looks really good because i find that with color hair it's very easy for it to not be given scalp one main thing is because it's color hair but yeah so i wanted to make sure that it was looking real realistic and that it looks like it's growing on my scalp and yeah so we're gonna go ahead and get to that and then i'm going to go ahead and cut
my lace as well like i'll be really good at my makeup i was going for a natural look i didn't even put any foundation on y'all.
But yeah so we're going to go ahead and cut the lace on there and i'm making sure that i do it in like a zigzag way so it's not you know going straight across and it's giving wig because it happens a lot and yeah we're not we're not going to be doing that so we're going to go ahead and cut that and we're going to start the process of gluing it down I've been using my got to be spray freeze spray and then the glue as well i didn't put as much on my hair because like i said there it has like the little grip thing that goes across it so it pretty much stays in place like i'm not gonna lie like i honestly didn't even need to glue it but i did anyways because i wanted that extra support but baby when i tell you if you just want to put your baby hairs on and go
you can because it really does stay in place like that right there done all you had to do is put like a little concealer on like um
just on a part like you're done honestly because this was legit like it was super tight and i was like oh my god this really works and it has like the three combs in
the back and everything like that um this is um a side part which i love because this is on the part that i always part my hair i always put my hair on my on the left
Sorry if you guys can see my baby dancing around like it's like he when the camera is on he has to be in the camera like he just has to so i'm just going to go ahead and tie that down and get into it and then i'm going to start the process of doing my baby hairs which um i'm actually going to leave a lot you guys are going to be like
um girl that's too much hair to be leaving out for your baby hairs i know with colored hair when you leave out your baby hairs and you you put out like your normal amount when you're doing like black or brown like for some reason it like kind of
melts and seeps into your skin so it doesn't even look like you have baby
hairs so i actually wanted it to look like i have baby hairs because a lot of times when i do color wigs it's just like you can see like a little bit if
you're like wearing makeup or just like not wearing makeup once you put that
um the lil edge stuff onto slick them down they disappear i don't know if that's
just with me but that's what i found a lot when i wear so i just wanted to make
sure that you were seeing my baby hairs like again you could stop there you can stop there i was just looking like okay.
Look at the bangs they're so cute um the color on me i don't know if i was feeling it too much but it was worth the try I've,  I've had  like um orange hair before but it was more of like like at the bottom edges it was more like kind of like a dark orange if like it was more like a auburn like that color so it was like kind of burnt orange so this is my first time actually doing like a bright orange and it's cute but i wasn't expecting it to look like this i was just like oh it's something to get used to but i say especially if you're going to get like synthetic wigs and you're going to get into like wearing it because um i was not into wearing colored hair because the wigs are cheap and they're good quality and they look real i would say just try colors just try them out if you don't like it it's okay like you just lost 30 dollars but i mean it's like it's really nice to just experiment to see what looks good on you what looks you know what you like and things like that and especially for dark-skinned women like we're always told that colors are too ghetto or too loud it won't look good with us.
And i think that's probably why i was so scared of this color because i'm like i'm gonna look ghetto and it's just like you have to get a get that out your mind about like looking a certain way because you know i don't know it's just a lot of just bull crap that they put on us but like where the color sis try it try all the colors try green try blue like i believe they have a blue like try them they have red and try the colors like it you know who cares but yeah we're gonna get into the baby hairs the two swoops like i said before i did take a lot out because i wanted you to see my baby hairs like i said before with a lot of color wigs for some reason you can't really see the baby hairs but yeah we're gonna go into it get that scarf on and i let this sit for about 10 minutes.
So now that we have let that sit for a minute we're going to go ahead and take it off i have started to pull from the bottom and i realize you can't do that sis you have to pull from the top and pull down because if you pull from the bottom you're going to pull up all of your baby hairs so make sure if you're doing that make sure you're pulling from the the top and yeah this is super cute i'm going to show you guys the back of it i have to look at it from all the angles because this was super cute y'all i really like the color it started to grow on me and like i said i got this wig from beauty exchange and i'm going to leave all the information down below for you guys so you can guys can get this wig because she's cute and thank you for watching my video and you guys have a blessed day i will see you in the next one.
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