Sensationnel Butta Lace Human Hair Blend - Bob 12" Reviewed By Princess - Beauty Exchange Beauty Supply
Hey YouTube it's your girl princess as you can see i have on my uh honey i wear this headband everywhere it's even to work um i have my little bald cap method going on i did pretty good on my first try i think in my opinion i did okay i did okay
but anyway shout out to hey beauty exchange okay anyway they sent me this um
now you know i how i feel about middle part units that's this you know
hey it's just my opinion i don't feel like you know but anyway what comes in this box they sent me the wig cap which i already got on hey girl
and then it also it says thank you bx babe and then it gives you their social media
and then you can also if you want to become a bx baby text for like exclusive updates special deals and sale papers and you'll know about anything that drops before everybody else and that's a good deal.
Anyway i ain't gonna lie i already took this beauty out of the box i had to go in off camera and i had to pluck this unit um because it it would have took uh literally the whole video that's how much hair i wish i could show y'all like it was a wad a wad of hair but anyway this is the butta lace bob 12 inch and i have it in the color #2 i didn't take the stock card off the wig yet but that is how its looking let me take it out
and i didn't cut the lace see i'm you know i'm getting there but y'all do want to see my plucking process but i mean they have boocu videos on that even so let me cut this stock card off.
Hey y'all i am going to start doing my
makeup on here because a lot of y'all be you know
y'all be wanting to know you know the makeup tutorial and that's and that's fine so i do have the little pieces twisted that i am going to use i'm just going to go ahead and cut oh let me show y'all honey let me take this off ohh
okay y'all i'm back i had to go and cut the lace off this beauty and i'm just going to make sure my adjustable straps are out so that way i can kind of try to secure this thing i might not need because from the looks of it can be clueless i don't know hmm it's pretty cute though but i think it can be y'all hmm it might can be clueless now and go ahead and cut this little part down so i won't have to keep i'm just combing it out to make sure it's To my liking before i start styling it.
This comb is about to drive me wild y'all and so it's going to shed anyway because like i say i was plucking until my ancestors pretty much was like girl that's enough like stop it okay so i'm going to because i bought this for like $4.73 or something like that at the dollar general so yeah girl go get you some lotta body i do yeah lotta  body will do it too so i am going to i gotta move some of these tools okay y'all i'm back i'm gonna put um like i'm saying a lotta body and i just run the rest of it through
the hair y'all know how i feel about long pieces that's why i'm looking um i don't know yet y'all i don't know we're gonna see tho and i'm just keeping this part right here i'm trying to see if i want to leave it right there let me move this up a little bit closer y'all
so y'all can see.
But i am going to take my hot comb and i have it on setting 25 i don't know if you if you have the infinity pro that's the one i have i put it on like 20 the highest of the high pretty much okay and then i just press it down so it can be flat.
Okay y'all this is the final look honey i don't know what i call myself doing right here but that's gonna get fixed and i tried to do the little um big swoop that the girls be doing but i you know i haven't mastered that yet so it's all good i did decide to keep it long in the front this
is actually cute okay beauty exchange This style a little cute on me let me find out
beauty exchange hi y'all but i'm going to um i'm going to do a little 360 because this is a this is a cute unit i did i'm not gonna lie i was a little skeptical just like the last time beauty exchange surprised me with the that's,  that's what i like they surprise you with a unit you would never think you yourself would pick up in a beauty supply store but then when they you, you rock it and you kill it yeah but i'm gonna definitely um add in some powder and i'm just like i said i'm gonna go back in and fix that because honey i don't know what i call myself doing right now but i'm not feeling it i'm not feeling it um.
I'm gonna make my baby hairs a little bit thinner because i don't like thick baby hairs i like a really uh i like those sparks this is it's really really cute y'all i'm liking it we gonna work with it yeah that little this little piece right here is bothering the crap out of me i'm just saying but anyways this once again like i said in the beginning this is the butta lace what lace HD lace bob and this is the 12 inch um in the color #2 i don't know if they have a shorter bob like this i'm not sure but this one says 12 inch maybe they have a 10 inch one maybe i'm not sure but this is really cute
this unit does to me this unit does need plucking just because it's just very
bulky in the front of that makes sense like it's a lot of hair
Um and it does give you enough room it gives you all of this right in here just a little bit so that way you can tweak it and make it your own pluck it how you want to pluck it to your liking like i said i plucked a lot of hair like it literally  took me no lie off and on like three hours so that's why i did not show that process in the video because i would have been like so over it i don't want y'all to see the frustration for me do this with this unit but this unit is absolutely stunning like i said i will be going back into um tweak a few things that i don't like like the baby hairs.
I'm gonna go back and fix that because you know perfectionist if you're a Virgo you know what i'm talking about but anyway this unit does come with the care instructions as every other unit does it does have like the available colors for this style um i would love to have tried the balayage gold i bet that is gorgeous it does the features is human hair and premium fiber blend so that means it takes heat very well i did not add any heat to the bottom portion of this wig but i did add heat to the top part bump the right way
Um it says full body movement absolutely i agree i agree it does get like a human hair texture it it's like on the thicker side it it feels like the same hair texture as um tyrina and that's what i like um it says virtually undetectable HD lace blends with most skin tones y'all know i love when they say that it says ear to ear lace  ear to ear  what you mean what do you mean ear to ear no not on me my my head is big if you got a big head like me you know what i'm talking about but sensationnel not not with this one but aside from that y'all this unit is very beautiful if you don't have the unit in your collection get it it is so so so pretty i i'm not gonna lie i really thought like when i tried it on i was like what in the world am i going to do with this like how am i going to make this to my liking like how am i going to fix this to my liking and i did and i think i'm in love now like even with the bald cap method i have never in history if y'all know me y'all know y'all asked me have i done the bald cap method and i always say no i don't even wear wig caps i only wore it maybe this is like my third or fourth time i don't but y'all this time i think it is very very pretty you can't even tell i'm wearing one.
Um and it's just it just hit different it's cute beauty exchange yall just knew right out the back like oh princess is gone yeah i knew but let me do a 360 this the front this is the side this is the back i don't know how to back lay i think it's a bump to it so that's really cute and then this is the other side hey girl so yeah if you guys don't have this unit go shop beauty exchange you catch my drift you catch my drift but yeah y'all go shop beauty exchange for this cutie feel free leave a comment below you know your girl get right back with you y'all know i tried i tried to show how i install i tried but i can't i can't i can't see like that but i try but it's okay y'all y'all still love me the same.
But anyway if you guys have any questions comments or concerns on this unit you know leave a comment below you know you're getting right back with you i love each and every one of you guys i hope you guys are having a blessed morning tonight wherever you are make sure you guys are staying prayed up love and hug and kiss on your loved ones while they're here getting their flowers while they are here um because tomorrow is not promised and like i always said i'm so tired of saying rest in peace down my timeline on every social media like we got to do better especially health wise which is me i'm guilty just look let's love on each other y'all love on each other love y'all bye.
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