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Hey you guys its Bleu welcome to my channel today i'm gonna be doing a review for this wig that i got sent by beauty exchange um it is a synthetic way y'all know i love this synthetic wig um it's called Maximina by outre and it's the golden honey blonde color so um i'm just going to be going through step by step about what  i thought of the wig um my installing process y'all gonna see how i installed it i'll probably do a couple styles a couple different styles with it too um it's a full frontal so i believe it's a 13x6 yeah it's a 13x6 so it's very versatile it's like free parting all over so there's a lot of stuff that you can do with this wig so i'm excited it looks it looks really cute from what I've seen so far i haven't worked on it yet but i'm about to start working on it so let's get into it.

It's good if the knots on the wigs are small because then that means you won't really have to pluck out the knots as much it'll just be straight plucking through um i didn't feel like braiding my hair back so i just put it in a ponytail and put it up i was being lazy but whatever , so melting your cap is really important because i feel like if you have HD lace or transparent lace then your cap is going to show if you don't melt it right.

So i use regular bolt hole glue um and i don't use a lot just a little bit you don't really need a lot but you want to wait till it fully dries till it's clear that's when you know that when it's ready to cut and you want to cut right below where you put the glue at it's okay if a little glue is still left on your skin but that's really how you get that melt.

So when i'm doing my makeup i really just pat and then brush through on the whole thing it's really not that big of a deal as long as it's your color and it blends in then you know that's fine um i do put makeup on the inside of my cap i try not to put it on the actual hairline because i don't want it to change the color so yeah i try to mainly put it on the inside of the cap instead of putting it on the hair um right here i was just cutting out my ears i try to not cut straight i try to cut along my ear shape so it'll um it'll really fit to my head.

I had cut off the back it is a 360 wig but i wasn't about to glue it down in the back so i just cut the cut the back lace off um i'm constantly hot combing my hairline because i always want to push back to actually see how it's really going to look especially when i'm cutting i don't want to cut too much hair off especially because i just plucked it in everything if you cut too far back then you might have to pluck some more so it's important to um have your hairline pushed all the way back so you can really see what you're doing.

So from here i could already tell this wig was going to look so fire when i glued it down because it wasn't even glued down right here and it looks so good this lace was good the hair was good and everything i was really excited to put this wig on but um shout out to lolettes lace goo her glue is the fucking shit y'all need to go cop yall some My shit was not going nowhere it was stuck when i glued it down i think i put on like two to three coats of the glue but to be honest i really only needed one coat because that glue is strong it wasn't going nowhere when i put that down.

Another thing is too when using this glue you want to make sure that it's all the way dry and tacky before you lay it down if not you could really mess up your lace and it'll it'll just be too sticky so you want to wait until it's completely dry and tacky and then you want to lay your lace down on it right here i was just touching up the places that um didn't have glue on it i sometimes like i misplaced the glue so i'll have to go back and put some more on there and lay the lace down but it was fine it really wasn't that big of a deal.

And yeah i'm always hot combing it back just to see how it looks i love that slick back look how my hairline is always slick back i love that look i feel like it looks so natural so that's why i'm always constantly hot combing it back through the whole installing process so this is um i have actually learned this technique from imaslayyobae on instagram i had took one of her classes and this was one of her methods for melting the cap and it's a really good method i just pull a couple pieces down from the hairline and then spray the spritz on there and melt it down and it it comes out so nice the melt comes out is it's just fire so shout out to her for that method.

Um , yeah i would i usually like to i'll brush it down after i take the the melt band off only because it gets sticky and it gets hard so the brush just takes it all out and gets it back to its normal texture.

So right here i , i sprayed the fantasia heat protectant spray i like how it um how it gets my hair like shiny and all polished and everything it doesn't get it too oily or too shiny because i know synthetic hair usually comes like already shiny and you know so but it really doesn't do that to the hair it gives it a nice textured feeling so i'll spray that and then hot comb it back again i'm literally constantly hot combing through the whole installing process like i said so yeah that spray is really one of the main sprays that i use that and the um fantasia spritz the hold in spritz and right here i just wanted to show you guys how that hold was for the glue that i used the lace glue that hold was so good like i could pull it up in a ponytail and it was a tight ponytail too and it still wouldn't go nowhere that glue is really the truth i'm telling y'all.

So another thing that i did like about this wig is that the texture of the hair was really soft it wasn't one of those synthetic wigs that get tangled easily because even when i was doing all these ponytails and swishing it all around back and forth it it really didn't tangle that much so that's definitely a pro to this wig.

So as you guys can see here i was really feeling this wig like i just couldn't stop looking at it the hairline how i was able to pluck it just how the hair was the curls and everything i could put in a ponytail i could just do whatever with it it was really versatile like this wig i really definitely recommend this wig for anybody.

So right here is really where i decide to just cut the hair i thought that it would really be a cute bob especially with the color and then how the curls were i was just like fuck it  let me cut this and it really came out cute it was so much body in the hair and it was just it was everything the long hair was cute but this short hair was like a super sexy kind of cut and i just i loved it i fell in love with this big after that it was already good but that cut really made it better for me.

This is stuck it's not coming off i'm telling you you can put it in a ponytail all that like i just love this wig but i had cut it just because i'm really feeling a short hair look right now i just had a bob in too but i don't know the long hair was cute but something in me just was like cut this shit so another thing is to um maintenance at nighttime make sure you guys have your elastic bands so you can uh tie it down at night for these curls that were in there like longer the longer ones before i cut it i would definitely say if you had some flexi rods get some flexi rods and just flexi rod it at nighttime just to keep the curls intact i know synthetic curls they last forever but just to keep them from getting frizzy at night so put your band over here flexi rod it and then put your silk bonnet over it make sure it's a silk bonnet and make sure your band is elastic.

So i'm going to tell y'all the main products that i use in the install is well for any synthetic install that i do i only use really fantasia heat protectant the red spray that's really it because i like the shine that it gives and i use it especially on the hairline when i'm hot combing it back it oh no it just does something to the hair i it gives it that shine that polished look that i like so that the fantasia spritz also the liquid mousse just uh spray that on there before i melted the um melted the lace um lolettes lace goo and right here this is the truth y'all go cop y'all lace goo because this shit.

But yes that concludes this video you guys thank you for watching subscribe to my channel follow me on instagram @__.bleu follow me on tik tok @bleudidit um the names are gonna be in the description below but thank you guys for watching stay tuned for the next video last thing i want to say is shout out to beauty exchange for sending me this wonderful unit i love it so much this wig can be purchased on their website at mybeautyexchange.com and the link will be in the description box below along with the discount code as well thank you guys for watching see you next video.

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