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Hey everyone welcome back to my channel it's Neira if your new here i'm Neira  today i will be reviewing this wig from beauty exchange they sent me this wig and the same exact wig that you will be seeing in the video you can pick up at your local beauty exchange or at to purchase.

Um so i will be unboxing the wig and showing you what they sent me in the box so as you can see i got a wig that is not a wig comb but a edge brush and some wig caps and eyelashes that is in the style October and of course the main show it is this butta unit 3 and yeah stay tuned the unit right here this is in the box this is the boxing of it so it's nice packaging it's like what lace but this is supposed to be HD.

So were about to see what is given and also it gives you all the details on the back of the box also this is unit butta  unit three in the color #T4/goldenblonde right here and i'm like obsessed with highlights right now so i picked this one because i feel like it's going to be popping and it's a curly unit like do y'all see overall like oh this wig is about to be hitting like for real and i actually never tried synthetic hair so this is the first time that i will be trying it also.

So we better slay this wig and see how that goes y'all like out the box like synthetic hair this does not feel like synthetic at all like it's not you know like that plastic feel that a lot of synthetic hair has the inside construction so what is it is this like a a t a t part or i part unit and like you got the edges at the front so you can customize it a little bit to give you the natural hairline.

Like are y'all seeing this when it's taken apart this is about to be really popping  and like so far you got a decent parting I don't know if y'all see this part i'ma hot comb at the top it's about to be laid you also have different colors right here there it is and whoa this wig cap is nice stuff like it's secure so if you were to like do a bald cap method this would be a good.

This edge brush also is by my beauty exchange from them and i'll just be using this gel right here extreme hold you could also get this at beauty exchange you can get everything honestly if y'all haven't been there go there you don't want to glue down your wig you don't have to  they got this little small one this is actually cute so it's not about to rip off your edges like the big one and there's also this one in the back.

First off yes we know we about to fix the lace to match our skin color because this is not it but okay yes i'm going to pluck the hairline you don't have to pluck it if you want it like if you don't want to but just so you know get the natural look more more natural i am going to pluck it some but oh just wait till i'm done just wait till i'm done because this is gonna be sleek.

All right so i will be plucking the hairline this is the hairline right here um i'm trying to show y'all let's see okay so here's what i'm going to do to show y'all like this i'm just going to pluck behind right here can y'all see alright good  so what i'm going to do is just pluck. 

So as you can see i pulled out a little bit and already is looking natural again and ooh all right so i have a makeup on the lace as you can see like you can barely see it like lace where like they said for real for real but i did pluck the hairline a little bit um i could pluck it more let me see a little bit more i'm not gonna do too much though the middle part it does not need to be plucked.

I did have to run my hands through so i could take out the hair that i did pluck but as i'm running my hair through there's really no tangling like for real.

Tell me lace where lace where  for real wow okay.

So what i'll be using is this right here high instant hold this also too you could find at the store beauty exchange and yeah this is better than the yellow one like i don't care what nobody says i think this one is a lot better than the yellow and you spread on the same way as you would do the other one but this one has a hold.

Since i do like my wigs on flat i did went ahead and tie it down but this can also be a look like it could also be a look to its a vibe its a vibe but yeah like i'm loving this the curls like and it's all so long and yes you could also put mousse so i did put mousse in the front a little bit to bring it down because i ran my hands through it.

So yeah let me tell y'all how this wig fits tight as hell not like tight but it's like secure it feels nice like the hair is flowing like people would not know this is a synthetic wig on your head because after we see the look of this let me tell y'all what i love about this wig i love the lace on this wig like this wig is  the lace is so nice like where is the lace though hair feels amazing like as you can see it flows and all that it flows like wow i like this though i like it i like it and like the dark roots like this this whole wig is put together it looks good i love the dark roots on it the color this blonde its wild  and this is also affordable you can get this at your local beauty exchange for how much was this wig $44.99 so come on now the price you pay it is well worth it.

All right thank you guys for watching like comment and subscribe and again thank you beauty exchange for sending me this wig honestly this wig is popping like if you don't got one i don't i don't know what you're doing like this is a quick style and easy just throw this on your head you fix it a little bit and you got a new look like really so yes check them out and yeah check me out all my other Videos.

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