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Hey you guys and welcome I am Tika and showing you all the products that I've used and how to style this wig.

They sent me over this cute little pink edge brush, a one size fits all wig stocking cap also y'all they gave me these cute little doll cat 3D lashes in the style Ashland this wig have your two wig clips in the front and your one wig clip in the back as well as your adjustable wig straps has a HD lace and it's a 100% premium fiber virtually undetectable HD lace it blends with most skin tones it has your ear to ear lace with a wide five inch deep hand tie parting space a pre-plucked hairline with baby hair it also have a natural density hairline and the length on this wig I say is probably about a good 28 inches long so it's really long but it's really lightweight and it feels so good you guys like this butta unit actually feels like butter y'all it feels so soft it feels so good.

Now whenever I'm styling my wigs it's pretty simple I don't do nothing you know spectacular anything you guys so I am pretty straight forward with stuff and it's pretty easy the way I install my wigs well whenever I'm laying my lace so um so pretty much here are the products that I use whenever I do my wig installs it's nothing fancy.

First things first I like to um tint my lace and usually whenever I take my lace I use this ebin um hairspray this ebb tints bought this from one of my local beauty supply stores but I know for sure that amazon do have this now whenever I cut my lace I don't do it you know any I don't do it like cutting in a straight line I usually do a zigzag motion because when you are cutting your wig in a zigzag motion it gives it more of a realistic look so that's the reason why I cut my lace like I do here.

If you are interested in this wig check out beauty exchange like they have all the top beauty brands and if you are in Florida, Georgia or Ohio they have 25 locations all across those three states and if you live in any of those states check out that store they have some really good quality hair they even have some really affordable prices on your wigs and on your hair product go check them out I will be showing you guys their Instagram so you can go on Instagram and follow them there and on the rest of all their social media platforms.

So I like to tape my lace and then after that I like to use holding spray now majority of my times I do enjoy using the bed head spray but for the sake of this video this was my first time that I actually used this tresemme hairspray word out on the street this is some really good tresemme holding spray and it gets rid of that ashiness and that's what I love about this hairspray I went on a dollar aisle sis and you know the aisle you get your little travel size products either you go to Walmart or your local dollar general or your local family dollar I went up in there I got it and I paid a dollar for it and I love it.

Now with the wax stick you pretty much can use any wax stick that you have or any wax stick that you pretty much like using um I pretty much bought this one off amazon and I fell in love with it and I like it so that's the reason why I use this you know wax stick not fancy nothing spectacular you know that I love about this wax stick I just know that a wax stick is a wax stick and all melts the same so that's just my opinion you guys.


Next I like to use face powder I like to use my face powder with this palette um this is by NYX and this is their contour palette I bought this from ulta a while ago and now I use it for pretty much my wigs now it's like a wig palette that's what I call it my wig palette

And then I like to use this fit me powder and this is in the shade 355.

 Y'all I'm really sorry about the birds chirping you guys but I don't know it's like you know they they wake up every day and they chirp , chirp  ,chirp so you guys I'm really sorry I'm really sorry about the birds chirping.

All right but um yeah let me know how you feel about sensational butta unit 2  I really really love this wig it feels really , really good I overall love it you can wear this wig as a side part like I did but this wig is but actually a middle part but in today's video I wanted to wear it as a side part because it was just my personal preference but you know you can wear it as a side or you can wear it as a middle part it's totally up to you.

Thank you once again for stopping by I absolutely love , love , love this wig it's really really cute and I love the way this hair feels and this hair makes me feel so , so ,so beautiful so thank you very much beauty exchange once again for sending me over this unit and I hope to see you in my next video don't forget to like comment and most definitely subscribe.


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