Bobbi Boss Boss Lace Glueless Grip Series HD Lace Front Wig - MLF701 Verona Reviewed By Kirah B. TV - Beauty Exchange Beauty Supply

 Look at that look at that bob action honey look,  look , look at the bob action honey.

Hey y'all it's Kirah B. and you're watching Kirah B. tv if you're interested in this beautiful bob unit I have on my head then stay tuned.

What's up my babes welcome back to my channel it's me Kirah B today's video you guys I'm really,  really excited about because beauty exchange has sent me a package and if you are familiar with beauty experience beauty exchange is a beauty supply store with chains in the state of Florida so if you're a Florida girl and you live in a major city like Orlando , Fort Lauderdale or um Jacksonville then you know beauty exchange I'm from Fort Lauderdale I'm very familiar with beauty exchange beauty exchange is a staple in my neighborhood they are everywhere down south they're like on every corner whether it's the one on sunrise or 441 you know what I'm talking about beauty exchange is is the tea girl down south.

This is somewhere where I actually shop this isn't like a review where I'm like I never heard of the company I actually shop beauty exchange love beauty stage they always got deals I promise you always have deals if you don't live in any one of those major cities that I listed they got a website too girl so you still you still got a chance to get you some good hair for a good price.

So let me show you how the package that they sent me came in this box and it has their little logo and everything right there I got this cute it's a Bobbi boss glue less grip series um wig and it is synthetic it's the Verona wig it comes in the color TB4/1B3027 and that's just what it looks like on the model can you see that that's what it looks like on the model so it's a bob wig because you know the summertime coming up.

Yes they sent me that gorgeous wig oh they also sent me a wax stick I guess this was a gift come through by Ebin I love I don't know if it's pronounced even or Ebin but I love these products nonetheless especially this lace glue spray love it love it love it let me open up this wig let me show you what she looking like because I haven't opened it yet this is let me cut it off this is the stock card that came with the wig so it comes in the natural colors like number 1 ,  1B ,  2 , 4  but then it also comes in these special colors can y'all see that we got a little bit of honey blonde , platinum blondes got a little bit of auburn, orange a little sunset they come in lots of different colors that's the thing about synthetic wigs girl looking to try color.

Packaging is really nice but that's not new from Bobbi boss they always package their wigs really nice I'm already loving this color I'm already loving this color whatever you say prepare to be sick of me  oh the lace is like I like this lace that's some nice lace honey it's like transparent almost it has the baby hairs look at their hairline girl and look at those colors so the wig is a number 4 but it has number 27 and number 30 highlights and if you know 27 and 30 you know those are like honey blondes they're not like that platinum blonde they're honey blonde.

Come on bob what's your name b.o.b so they call it you bob the hair texture feels kind of like a yaki texture but nonetheless it's very soft this part is really long let me see if it tells me how long the part is all it does it says it's a 5.5 deep part anti-slip silicone grip secure glue less wear made with HD transparent lace on a synthetic wig period.

Before I go ahead and cut the lace everything off the wig I forgot to show you all the construction I love to show the construction of a synthetic wig and I feel like the construction of this wig is really important because it has this little silicone this is where the anti um the glue less grip comes in so this will keep your wig if you've ever worn like a headband grip or a wig grip this is going to keep your wig from sliding so I'm really excited to see how this works\ out um but there are two combs here and then there's a comb in the back with the adjustable straps now I like to leave my adjustable straps the way they are because I am a big head girl so um if it is still too loose then I'll adjust them but for right now we gonna leave them how they are so let me go ahead and cut the lace off add my powder and we'll be right back.

So now that the wig is all powdered up I'm gonna take this wig off and we're gonna put her on okay ,okay, okay ,okay ,okay, okay hold on let me fit her up  hold on , hold on, hold on if you see me looking over here that's where my mirror is I'm already oh my god I'm already in love so let me just brush her out to see where I want her to fall and lay and it's not lumpy this is just me doing this for my preference I like my stuff as flat as possible oh this unit is so pretty and the good thing about synthetic ways is you can customize them to your liking so I am this is going to be sped through if I need to put like a voice over but I'm going to work my magic on this wig she could use a little work but nonetheless I really really like her so.

First I'm going to start off with the  wax stick that I was gifted and this is going to help me push the wig back just a little bit so you all can see that transparent lace honey and then that's when I'm taking my hot comb and pushing the hairline back again you can see that that's what I'm doing here because I want y'all to see that lace and I'm also just trimming it a little bit because I have a shorter neck so um I don't like the way the wig will bend on me because I have a shorter neck you don't have to do this this is just my preference and I'm going in with my flat iron and re-bumping those ends you know just doing my little one two.

So synthetic hair does get hot and I like to hold it in place so that it keeps its shape so that's what I was doing right there when I was like letting it cool off I was just letting it keep that bump shape that's all I was doing same thing as I'm doing right here and yeah I'm going in now with some makeup making it look more realistic and y'all I didn't have to do a lot I'm doing the baby hairs now like it literally didn't take me much to blend that lace with my skin like you can't tell me that's not no HD lace.

Okay so to make sure that pushback stays I like to use my lace spray and then push it back with hot comb to make sure it really sticks and this is all I'm gonna do and I'm pretty much done yeah that's it.

All right beauties so this is the final look that I got with this gorgeous unit sent to me again by beauty exchange I am in love look at this lay they really were not kidding when they said transparent HD lace I y'all saw I didn't have to do a lot to this wig at all to get it to blend in with my natural skin tone or anything I didn't have to do much at all and I'm actually living for this it's just in time for the summertime and baby when I say this silicone grip when I say this wig ain't going nowhere this wig is not going anywhere this silicone grip on this wig is no joke look at that look at that bob action honey look, look, look at the bob action honey this unit oh my gosh Bobbi boss did their thing with this.

I am going to have all the information to this wig linked below I'm gonna have all the information to beauty exchange link below like I said if you are not in a local city like uh Orlando, Jacksonville ,Fort Lauderdale ,Miami they have a website y'all they ship so you good you you got the chance to look good just like I got the chance to look good okay like you can't tell me miss Rona is not doing her thing I added my own little customizations to it um you could do whatever you want with a wig you make it your own you know I use my little hot comb , my sprays, my flat iron and everything to make it how I wanted it some people wear it just straight out the pack and that's definitely something you can do um but you know I'm a little extra so I like to go to extra mile or whatever.

Absolutely gorgeous ,gorgeous, gorgeous unit I'm going to see if I can find the price on their website of how much this unit is going to run you if I do find the price I will put it across the screen but yeah the unit is so soft I didn't have any tangling I can run my fingers right through it because it is a synthetic you know synthetic units normally tangle a lot especially when you're manipulating it the way in which I was doing mine but I have no issues my sister I showed my sister she was like oh it's cute the long bob is always going to be a staple for me again like I said during the summertime and I live in Florida baby I don't need no long weaves on me or anything of that nature the wig the wig is doing exactly what it's supposed to do it's bobbing it's out here she's bobbing freely.

10 out of 10. I don't have to do too much to it she's definitely um she's definitely a top pick for me for synthetic bob wigs I don't normally mess with synthetic bob wigs because um sometimes they look a little too synthetic but the skunk stripe right here and the silicone grip sold me with this unit so yes again shout out to beauty exchange for sending me this beautiful gorgeous unit again this is somewhere where I shop on a regular you guys so I can vouch that their prices are normally lower than what you will find online or at other beauty supply stores that's why I go down south back home sometimes to shop at beauty exchange and just bring my wigs back up.

Again everything will be linked down below I will see you all until next time in my next video.

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