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Hi guys hi , hi , hi it's your girl touched by tiny and welcome back to my channel as you can see i'm super duper excited yes and i can't wait to show you guys the slay okay the reason why i'm so turned up you guys is because i have received some hair from beauty exchange and a whole bunch of other goodies and it's lit!.

So let's get into this hair you guys so as you can see i already parted the top and now i'm going to part the back so i will have a total of three major partings a lot of times you guys when it's time to do my hair i don't even know what i'm going to be honest is i just let the comb do its thing and boom it is what it is okay so in the back section i parted the back in three little parts and i'm just going to add my little gel and it also moisturize the hair to make sure that the braids is laid pretty nice and neat and i'm just going to feed in the back okay and look i'm adding a little color a little you know shazam or whatever if you will to the back and i'm only just doing one braid with that you guys so yes i'm just going to feed in the feed-in method of the back.

And i get it you guys if you're not used to doing your own hair i can completely understand that you know it can be a little difficult and my um thing that i always tell people is just take your time and of course keep trying you will get it okay so all i did you guys went once i reached a certain point of length of my hair i start to under braid by bringing it forward where is no longer me braiding it completely towards the back and um yeah.

Now for the middle section of my hair all i did was section off the hair of course before i started to braid this edge control is also from beauty exchange and it's the edge tamer i'm using that as well  and so far so good it is sleeking my edges down.

And of course you're welcome you guys to leave your edges out i love doing other people edges but for some weird reason i'm not a fan of my own so i always like to swoop my edges into my braids very lightly because you guys already know i am not a fan of extreme tightness and all that good stuff so  whichever you prefer it's going to be lit okay.

Once again once i hit a certain length where my arms can no longer reach in the back i do flip it forward and start to do my under braids , under braiding do require a little bit more attention so make sure to take your time and just make sure you're going in the same pattern as your original braids.

When you start to see everything coming together by any means necessary okay if the hair is too long i usually tend to do what i just did okay to make sure that i am able to braid every last inch of the hair.

Are you seeing the vision is it coming together yet?. And on the top of my hair i am going to part it in three ways because i'm going to have three braids for the top just making sure  swoop okay my edges into the braids you guys.

Now being honest you guys it is absolutely hard to braid your own hair coming forward or coming slanted and uh you know whatever but it is a little bit painful if you're not used to it so make sure you know you stretch your arms out really really good so you can get that first braid out the way.

We are almost at the finish line.

Okay girl i see you or whatever so we're just going to add some mousse to our hair you guys a little bit of spray dip it in hot water tie it down real quick.

So you guys i'm so excited like super duper duper excited my hair is finally done all it took to achieve this look honestly a pack of hair each pack had three bundles so i've used up a full pack and a half a bundle of another pack so you guys don't forget okay check out mybeautyexchange.com for your hair needs from your wigs to your hair gel braiding hair accessories and all that good stuff and please don't forget to like subscribe and hit that bell button thank you guys so much for watching peace and love.

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