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Today's video is going to be a hair review and tutorial so I was sent some goodies from a company called beauty exchange I know that they have a location in Florida because I remember Abby Nicole she's another youtuber she used to always do reviews for them so I know they have like a location there they have some other locations and other places but they're essentially like a beauty supply store and they have like an online store as well as a brick and mortar store so their own you know localized location.

So they so they sent me one of their units that they wanted me to try and the unit that they actually sent me is the sensational butter lace wig and it's the style what's the name of this one.

Okay so it doesn't have like a real name you know how they all like most of them have like real names this one just says butter lace unit 1 and it's in the color money piece caramel okay I'm excited I haven't done like a since like I haven't done a sensational tutorial in a minute but I haven't done like a synthetic wig video in a minute either so I'm excited and it's a bob its a bob and that's perfect because at my job I can't have long hair anyway so I've been wanting a bob anyway so I'm really excited.

So what else did they send me they sent me a wig cap and the wig cap is like the right shade you know not too light and giving it too dark one either they gave me the medium which is good because that's that scalp okay let's get this scalp and I really needed this because I don't have any wig caps and I was just sitting there like dang I forgot to get wig caps from the hair store they also gave me a little edge brush you could never have too many of these and it's in the color purple and it's so cute fresh icon hello and then they gave me some lashes and these are the type of lashes that I buy from the story anyway I buy this exact brand I've never had this style never had march but she's cute she's cute right now I already have on like eyelash extensions so I'm not gonna put these on but I will be using these okay.

And then of course they gave me the you know stock car you know thank you you know the one of those so cute they say visit to find your nearest location okay so I'll leave that link down in the description box so y'all can check them out and see if they have one near you.

I'm gonna take my little cute bun down I'm kind of sad about that but whatever is the bun we can put up we gonna make another one baby okay let's get into it.

So here's the stock card if y'all care about that I know some people would like to see how she looks on the stock card that's all that with the information you know 350 to 400 um that's the that's as high as like your curl iron or whatever it can go as far as heat applied to this wig um so yeah this lace can be compared to like HD lace you know that they put on human hair wigs um yeah says wider part ear to ear lace and then they have all the colors on the back so they have like a good range of colors on the back if y'all wanted to go check that out.

So yeah see what the inside looks like first so you got the ear to ear parting and then you have the parting area right here it's a small parting area as far as like you know the strip like not not necessarily a t part but you know um but it is a longer part which is nice that gives off a really natural look then you have the combs up here so you have two combs in the front and then you have a comb in the back and then you have the adjustable straps let's look at how cuz I messed it up let's look at how she looks just on my hand.

So she does have some shine to hair but it's a nice shine it's like oh I just got my hair done type shine in person it doesn't look bad I mean if I wanted to you know make it look gets a little bit more realistic I guess I could still put some powder on it but it's not necessary um and then it's a chocolate color I thought it was going to be more of like a black but chocolate is still cute and then we have the lace highlight and at least the blonde highlights in the front I don't know I'm nervous maybe i should've got black but I'm sure just a little cute too but they're black okay so let's let's go and put this on.

So for today's video for the sake of this video we're just going to do a slick back bun you know we're going to try to do it as low as we can um because I still need to wash my hair so I don't want to braid it down and stuff like that and I have to wash it.

I'm so excited I hope I'm not disappointed this right here and let me be honest with y'all I'm not the girl I'm really not the type to like melt like I'm really not the type to do the whole ball cap because I guess I'm just not that good at it and I just don't want to mess up my edges because I have messed up my edges before so you're going to see my band um but I'll show you how I make it less detectable that's just me and I know there's other girls out there like that who don't know how to do the ball cap method perfectly may not have the time whatever the case may be but i'ma show y'all how I do it I like to use combs some people don't like to use combs if you're the type that doesn't like to be use combs you don't have to.

Yeah they're just the strap okay hold on honey let me put this okay.

Girl because if I could pull up if I pull up to my job I know they tied of me I switch mine up like every week girl okay so I can't see that good so I'm gonna be looking down here at this mirror down here y'all just watch it up here okay so as you can see because it's not um bald cap because it's not bald cap up here um you're gonna see that line but we're gonna fix that.

That messy was so cute okay and I'm gonna cut in zigzag motions so it's not like a straight line and giving me humpty dumpty wig hairline I don't even know if humpty dumpty had hair but if she did it would be y'all know what I mean like it would be not right.

Do I want to put that got to be glue on am I going to wear this tomorrow these are questions I have to ask myself.

It could be cute and then like I could wear it like this even if I don't want to wear it down you know.

This is already letting me know that this is going to be a cute style because you know I can wear like a scarf and I'll be cute cleaning my area so.

This is the final result of it let's get closer so you can see the lace um I would actually add powder to this area here just to make it look more undetectable and I'm gonna go do that really quick.

All right so yeah this is a very pretty wig a very pretty wig so cute like the color everything so cute um yeah.

But you can wear your hair have half of it back.

It's very cute I love that like I love my baboon so would I buy this with my own money yeah I definitely would when I buy this color yeah and I'll also buy it in 1b um I even buy it in  burgundy like this is cute so if you want any more information about this wig everything else that you will need to know will be in the description box as far as like the price they have listed for on their website so make sure you check them out and make sure you check out beauty exchange beauty supply online so you can see where their newest location is for you all they have tons of different products that you can shop for online or in your local region if they are near you.

Make sure you subscribe to my channel so that you can see other videos in the future and make sure you follow me on Instagram thank you for watching and I'll see you in my next.

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