Rio 12A Brazilian Single Bundles - Straight Reviewed By Kyra Oriana - Beauty Exchange Beauty Supply
channel as you guys could see I'm all natural for right now and this is how much my hair grew like sis I am amazed but we'll get into my hair some other times this video right here is about this beauty supply hair now I don't really see too many videos on this hair but the videos I have seen this hair is bomb.
This hair was sent to me from beauty exchange and I have the length of 24, 26 and 28 and then I have a lace closure as well and that is the length 18 and all the hair is Brazilian straight and it's a 100% unprocessed I am going to attempt to do a Chinese bang along with doing the glue in without having to use the protective shield and the shower cap so we're going to see how this turned out if you are interested then please continue watching.
the first thing we're about to do is actually mold down this hair of mine I am going to use the eco styling gel a wig cap and wraps and then to take place of the protective shield I'm just going off of my knowledge I feel like this will help and it's healthy so let's see I'm going to use this leftover olive oil that I have and that should protect my hair then after that I'm going to go in with my wild growth to keep my hair growing and healthy.
Okay and now since we've done this part we got the lace closure down we're going to now plant the bundles but I need to take a picture for the thumbnail real quick so let me just go ahead and do that.
the longest length which is 28 so we're going to be dripping but I'm about to put this one in and then we're going to go up from there I'm only going to show y'all a snippet because that'll be too long of a video but all I'm about to do is really take the bundle out cut the tracks and then glue it all the way up to here and then we'll come back and talk about the rest.
Okay so do you see me though like this is just yes oh yes and this hair is super nice y'all like what all I have to do now I'm going to put in the other two and then we're going to talk about it I promise so let me just put in the last two and then we're good to go.
Like y'all look at this I just finished and this is how thick it looks like stop playing and this hair feels super,  super soft and this is without even flat ironing it oh yes so let's get to the part we're all waiting for you guys to see this is how the top is looking I'm going to take this part down first and then we're going to just part it to cover the tracks.
So right there should be okay I'm going to twist this back up right here and this is how much hair I had left over so you won't even use all of your bundles honestly but yeah anyway so as you guys could see I parted the hair so it could look a little bit natural once we like cut it and because let me just see so if I were to cut the bangs it would be like this and that'll be cute so yeah so let me just twist this back up and remember you can always add hair but you cannot replace hair so that's why I just do a little at a time that way we could really keep control of everything but I'm about to go in with the mousse just to lay this down properly.
track okay so here comes the fun part after we just laid that down to cover them tracks we're about to cut this hair I'm gonna cut right here.
you could always like correct it but you can never take it back quick let's see okay so I've been like hmm i'ma definitely thin it outside.
correct it right so I did too much let me mousse this up real quick  fix this it's cool watch this.
Okay cause we just getting somewhere I almost lost faith y'all I thought I was messing up I thought your girl messed up I was about to say okay look but actually no this is turning out really cute I'm about to continue like cut it some more and just like play around with it and then yeah I'll show you guys the finished product.
Okay because we did that I am now finished and when I say it's slayed this hair though this hair is on point I really am proud of my bangs I love them I love the outcome.
But let me know in the comments how you guys feel about this but I am loving it and these 28 inches along with the layers like the hair is bomb so please check it out you know I'm have all the info down below for you guys but I really hope you all enjoyed this tutorial I love you all can't wait to see you in my next video and I'll see you guys.
Okay so just a little update the mukbang video will be uploaded today if you have not followed the YouTube channel swipe up but also make sure to add the Instagram channel as well because I will be posting more on both.
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