Sensational Butta Lace Synthetic HD Lace Front Wig - Unit 5 Reviewed By Keyera Kaye - Beauty Exchange Beauty Supply
back with another video for those who are new to my channel my name is Keyera Kaye for those returning back to my channel thanks for coming back to watch my videos as you can tell from the title of this video I will be installing this unit from beauty exchange beauty supply I'll have it down in the description box so you guys can check them out find out your nearest door location.
Um so in this video I will be pretty much showing y'all how I installed this unit I'm like really obsessed with this look I love big hair so I'm taking it back to the big hair I've been wearing like straight hair and like bobs and stuff like that but 20 I think it was like 2018 I was obsessed with like the big curly look and this is like taking me back to that big and curly and fun and just like just yes so I'm like really here for it I'm super obsessed with this lace we're not going to talk too much about the wig because we're going to go ahead and I'm going to show you how installing y'all can you know watch me and i'ma let y'all know what this wig is about in the video.
All right so it did come with a wig cap well actually two wig caps a edge brush and also a pair of free lashes so this is what the hair packaging looks like this is the butta unit 5 in the color 1b so this is a 13 x 5 ear to ear lace wig um the lace is really really soft which I'll be showing y'all in just a moment um but yeah this is what the unit looks like it does come in other colors and I will have the list down below along with the product link in the description box so you guys can check it out.
we're gonna start unwrapping the package y'all and I'm like so obsessed with these curls like I got this wig on right now as I'm filming this voiceover like I'm obsessed with this curls like okay so this is what the curl bounce looks like.
looks like now this is what that bomb lace looks like as y'all can see like y'all can literally like see my fingers right through it.
looks like so there's two combs behind the lace at the front there's also a comb at the nape of the neck um and this is also again five inch parting space so it's a 13 by five ear to ear lace um I feel like five inch parting space is just so bomb because when you have like less than five you it makes you appreciate the five inches because it's just like it gives it more like a natural look as y'all can see I'm feeling myself now I'm just trying on the wig to make sure everything fits perfectly before I decide to go ahead and glue the wig down or cut any lace I just want to make sure everything applies properly to my head.
So now I'm using this lace tint that I got from my local beauty supply store to tint the lace now this lace was perfect but it did on my head show up a little bit lighter on camera you can't tell that it was like a little bit like a little bit whiter than my skin but I did have to go in with my skin tone spray a lace spray.
the i'maslayyourbae gummy glue and extra gummy so I am going to be applying two layers of the blue um so I decided to go ahead and glue one half the wig down and then wait and then glue the other half down so that's what you see me doing so I'm going in with the first layer of glue and then I'm going to make sure it's blended out super even so there's no clumps or lumps when I put the lace down then I'm going to let that dry and turn clear and then I'm going to apply the second layer and repeat the same steps.
Once the glue is dry you're going to go ahead and pull the lace very very carefully to the front um you don't want to place anything down until you are sure you want it there and I also take the end of my comb and also comb through the hair just to make sure everything was nice and flat you just want to hold the comb there for a few seconds especially on those ear tabs because ear tabs can lift up and you won't even know it until you go to pull the other side of the wig and then it's sticking up you have to go back and glue.
So now I'm going to begin on the other side by applying the imaslayyobae gummy glue and then blending it out to make sure there's no lumps or clumps and then letting that dry and then applying the second layer.
Then once that glue is dry you're going to go ahead and start carefully pulling the way forward and making sure you place the lace at the tip of where you apply the glue and make sure there's no glue exposed on your forehead especially if you're wearing makeup or anything because you're going to be able to see exactly where you place that glue if you wear makeup so you just want to make sure your forehead is clear of any glue so I am going to be using the got to be glue gel to do my edges today and I'm also using their edge brushes they put in the package for me.
Um so I did decide to do some very ,very tiny baby hairs y'all I used to overdo baby hair so much but I decided not decided I learned to do smaller baby hairs girl because girl I was out here looking crazy but yeah these baby hairs are very ,very fine they were easy to work with as well um so I did go ahead and apply the baby hairs I'm going to tie my hair down um so as you all can see right there my lace is coming up right there where I told y'all it started to rise um so I did have to go in with some got to be freeze spray in this video and I'm going to make sure that it's secured down when I tie my hair down and I also did pull out a couple of pieces of the edges of the hair so you couldn't see the lace as much because those little um ear tabs just was not agreeing with your girl so I did have to cut a few pieces and then go ahead and slip those little edges down with some got to be gel and then I tied my hair down um so that's pretty much how I did my edges I swear y'all my edges are sometimes hit or miss um I pretty much just play around with it sometimes I use foaming wrap sometimes I don't um but yeah you just see me using the guy to be free spray just to make sure everything is secure and then I'm going to go ahead and tie my hair down with my hair scarf and I'll be back once I'm all made up.
All right so I am using my hot comb to make sure my uh lace is kind of melted um I did not run the hot comb all the way through the hair just because I didn't want to like lose the curl pattern of course but I am taking it along my edges and along the parting just to make sure everything is flat and secure.
All right y'all so this is the finished look as you can tell and as you can tell by the intro this video I am super satisfied with this look like I said I'm really feeling this big curly voluminous vibes I'm really feeling the curliness I've like I told you I recently just was wearing like straight hair and I'm like really feeling this curly look it's like I don't know curly hair big hair just look good on me because I have like a rounder face I do have a bigger head and let's speak of my about my round face right now for just a second because I feel like that played a part into like why I feel like my lace didn't lay down as much here I have like a wider forehead and I also have like really hairy sideburns like like my hairline comes forward so it's really hard to customize the wig but I feel like I made it work and I tried to hide like this part that wasn't laying down with baby hairs but luckily this is a middle part so I'm going to rock it like this.
Um but I overall like I said I am super super satisfied again this wig is from beauty exchange beauty supply store this is a local beauty supply store but they are working to get an online store make sure you check their website out so you can see when they will have their online store available.
video I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did go ahead and give this video a thumbs up also don't forget if you aren't  subscribed to my channel to go ahead and hit that subscribe button right now and make sure you have the notifications turned on so you don't miss any uploads for me for the rest of this year or just in this lifetime in general just go ahead and hit that subscribe button leave some love show some likes leave a like show some love I don't know just show some love to your girl and I will see you on my next video.
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