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Hey y'all welcome back to my channel so today's video is all over the place because I wasn't gonna post this but I need something to post so I'm posting it it's a video on this beautiful wig that I got from Beauty Exchange it was giving to me because I won a giveaway with them and Abby Nicole so that's what this video is gonna be about I'm gonna be reviewing this wig basically my initial thoughts when I got it I'm gonna show you how I prepped it and I'm gonna show you me installing it and styling it so it's like a five part video yeah I'm doing way too much but I needed Something to post so if you want to see keep watching and make sure you like comment subscribe.

So this is how the hair looks before I did anything to it its 26 inches its the Brazilian its in their wave pineapple and that's what it looks like in the inside it has three combs it has three combs in the inside and it also has an adjustable strap which I like very,  very much because I wanted to sow this elastic band but I see I don't need to because I can just tighten these straps up right here and I also like the combs for extra security so this is what it looks like and now I'm going to just bleach my knots so that I can get this baby installed.

Bleach this is the consistency it looks like toothpaste and then that's what it looks like so now I'm just gonna start applying this.

That's on there I'm going to leave it on there for about 20 minutes and then I'm gonna come back and show y'all what  it like after I rinsed it.

So I bleached the knots and this is what it looks like ten times better.

Now it's time to pluck it honestly looks good already but I wanna pluck a little extra because we need this hairline nat-u-ral.

So now that I've plucked it I'm gonna start styling it honestly I could have plucked it more but um I'm lazy so I got tired of doing it so I just stopped and the hairline already looked pretty good so I guess I'll pluck it more later or whatever but as for now this is good enough for me so now I'm just wanting it and I parted the hair off in two sections four sections two in the back and then two in the front and I put in a middle part so that's how I'm gonna be wearing it for now so yeah I just wanded all over.

So now it's time to install this hair I did this over a course of a couple days that's why y'all see me in different stuff so yeah I'm not really experienced with installing frontals or whatever I just knew what I just did what I knew how to do so that's what I'm gonna be doing and it right for me I'm still practicing with this same wig I'm practicing every time I feel like getting ready I'll reinstall it and you know every time it gets a little better but this is my first time so let me know what you guys think in the comments and yeah just give me your opinion and give me some suggestions on what I can do differently just let me know.

When it comes to frontals it's very tricky for me because my hair comes down very low like literally my edges come down and almost touch my eyebrows as you can see so like I didn't want to put any of the gots to be on top of my edges because in the past when I've done that it's like pull my edges out but it's kind of leaving me no choice at this point because my hair comes down so far so I just had to work around it so some of the baby hairs that I create my real hair is actually mixed in with it so I mean I wish I was blessed to have to have a hairline that makes for easy installation but I don't so I just do the best I can.

Well that's the end of this video that's how I prepped installed style this wig by beauty exchange in their style pineapple it's a 360 lace wig and it's so pretty as you can see but if you liked this video go ahead and give me a thumbs up and make sure you like comment share and subscribe and I'll see y'all in my next one.

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