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Welcome back to my channel guys today I'll be showing you how to bleach the knots on your lace frontal so first we're going to start out with the things that we need here we have the 13 x 4 lace frontal and this is from royal touch hair which I received from Beauty Exchange beauty supply store.

Here's a close-up of the knots that we will be bleaching we want to completely get rid of these so it's a seamless look and now I'm just showing you guys the Beauty exchange beauty supply store flyer and hair is the royal touch hair currently on sale I receive the 14 ,16, 18 inch bundles with a 14 inch frontal and there's their information you can find them on Facebook, Instagram and their website

Typically I would use a bowl but for today's demonstration I figured a mason jar would be much easier to show you guys the consistency of the product we will be mixing. as for the developer I really suggest using a 20 volume developer especially if it's your first time trying this 30 volume tends to work a bit faster so you don't want any mishaps with that. here I'm just laying down some aluminum foil for my base so everything stays clean and protected.

So the goal while mixing this product is to keep it as thick as possible so it doesn't run through your lace and onto the hair that's the last thing you want so I'm starting out first with one and a half scoops of bleach powder or lightening powder and then I'm just eyeballing the developer so about a half a scoop and then mixing from there.

So as you can see I need a little bit more developer so I'm just gonna eyeball it and add another half a scoop I'd say of developer keep mixing until you have the perfect consistency and you can test this by gently shaking your brush and if it doesn't drip it's perfect so I'm gonna go ahead and repeat this process so I can create a little bit more product to make sure that I have enough to cover the entire lace.

This step is completely optional but I do strongly suggest at least using some clips to clip your baby hairs out of the way and just to keep everything neat and out of the bleach and developer the last thing you want is for the hairs to start getting processed we're only doing the lace you guys only the lace.

Now this is very important you want to make sure you're gently tapping the product onto the lace not pushing it through not brushing it back and forth just gently applying the product in padding motions.

I actually came up with this hanger method a few years ago and it just makes life so much easier trust me I feel like if the lace is hanging then your product will not seep through to the hair and that's exactly what you want so don't worry the lace and the bleach is not touching my door everything is completely separated.

You definitely don't want to forget this shampoo guys you can either get the shimmer lights or a generic brand like me save some money save some coins but this will definitely make sure that your lace will not be orange or brassy after processing because trust me it will and it can happen.

Now it's time to rinse everything out after about 15 minutes we want to make sure that your lace is facing down so that the bleach rinses out completely away from the hair you don't want it to seep through into the hair now you guys will be able to see the orange brassy tone that I was talking about earlier don't worry don't panic it's completely normal just use your shimmer light shampoo wash it really well and I like to let the product sit for about five minutes just to make sure that it completely tones this orange tone down you don't want that.

After shampooing twice I like to go ahead with some really good conditioner just to make sure that I bring back some moisture and life to the hair.

Make sure to always finish washing your hair whether it's natural bundles or a frontal using cold water always.

And there you have it you're not to completely bleached everything is seamless you don't have any more of those dark not showing through your lace and you can definitely test it by putting it up against your arm don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and I'll see you guys in the next video.

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