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Okay so first we're gonna start out with a few things that we need I have here my poly canvas black mannequin head and a mannequin head tripod.

A 14 inch lace frontal from royal touch hair by beauty exchange three bundles 14 ,16 and 18 inches curved sewing needles I have two one for backup a spool of thread specifically black t pins to hold the wake down and I have two spandex dome caps this one specifically is the normal extra large spandex dome cap and the second one is the mesh spandex dome cap which is the one that I'll be using today.

A wide tooth and tail comb and several Gator Clips just to help keep the hair out the way.

First I'm gonna start out by placing the spandex mesh dome cap on the mannequin head.

Next we're going to go ahead and carefully place our lace frontal on the spandex dome mesh cap.

Once you have your lace frontals carefully placed on your spandex dome cap go ahead and take your t pins and your Gator Clips use your Gator clips to section and clip the hair out of the way and then use your t pins to secure the lace frontal onto the actual spandex cap into the canvas head.

Now that we have our lace frontals secured completely we're going to go ahead and sew around the perimeter to secure the lace frontal onto the mesh cap now remember we're only sewing the back half of the lace frontal onto the mesh cap so from end to end because once we're done and we're ready to install the front lace area is what we will be gluing down just letting you know guys.

This part is pretty much self-explanatory just continue sewing all the way around from end to end and make sure everything is secure because you don't want that lace frontals slipping and sliding and moving all over the place.


Now we're all done with our lace frontal guys it's secured and it's toned down perfectly so we're just gonna go ahead and sweep all the hair up into one and use our sectioning or Gator Clips just to clip everything out of the way so you have a clean and neat area to work with in the back when sewing you want to make sure you're starting with the longest bundle first so I'm going to be using the 18 inch bundle and again guys this is a pineapple wave curl pattern just in case you're curious it is Brazilian 100% human hair so I'm just gonna lay the track from end to end of where the lace frontal ends and I'm just going to secure it with a tee pin and then begin sewing.

Okay so we have one bundle completely sewn down and as you can see look how much hair just one bundle is it's super full very thick go get you some hair from royal touch hair you guys it's amazing.

Yes look at sis already coming together just one frontal and one bundle and literally the weight just looks beautiful already I'm so excited you guys.

Now it's time to move on to bundle number two which is 16 inches so really easy just start exactly where you left off and just keep on sewing

Just a quick progress check look at those curls you guys and everything is sewn down perfectly it's snug it's neat.

Okay guys so now I move the head to bundle number three which is 14 inches and I'm basically just sewing around in that same u-shaped type of motion just completing the leg at this point really easy and we're just closing up this space now.

Okay we're down to the final little piece there's gonna snow on this one little track and we are all done so the final step is super easy guys we're just gonna go ahead take some scissors and cut out this extra mesh cap that's left hanging obviously we're going to be going down the front lace area and we want it to look like scalp so you cannot have that black cap underneath make sure not to cut too close to your threading you don't want that to happen because it will start to separate over time.

So for me this wig is completely done it is completely up to you if you'd like to sew in an adjustable strap or some weight combs maybe two to three wig combs for extra security but yeah I got a big head so this is perfect it'll stay just fine especially once I glue it we're good to go.

And there you have it sis is complete I absolutely love this wig by far it's definitely one of my favorites that I've ever made the curls are beautiful literally all I did was spray a little bit of water and that's it the curls got super defined more than it already was and it's way easier to control now just so I can give you guys a little you know demonstration of how it looks so I'm gonna go ahead and install my wig so you guys can see how it looks stay tuned for the final install it's coming up right now.

Thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you have any questions at all leave it down in the comments below for me if you have any questions about this hair or would like to know where to get it from everything will be linked in the description below don't forget to like , comment and subscribe to join the vibes family and I'll see y'all in the next video.

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