B & B Express Multipack- #613/ Ombre613 Reviewed By LaGotTheJuice - Beauty Exchange Beauty Supply

What's tea ya'll its yea girl LaGotTheJuice and I'm back.

As y'all can see your girl did her thing on the color we went for like a half and half y'all know but this hair is from beauty exchange they sent me three bundles in the HD 613 closure HD 613 closure.

Now I am going to show yall  how I got this hair color, the colors that I use, the stuff that I used to do this so let's get into it period. 

As you can see this is how the hair came packaged it's from Janet collection like I said before it came from beauty exchange it's 613 HDclosure with three bundles 16, 18 ,20 inch this is how the packaging looks if y'all want to get it off the site or in store this which I need to look for.

This is how the bundles and the closure look up close it comes in standard 613 if you don't want this all you gotta do is tone it one thing I can say this hair did have a high luster and it was very nice to touch like didn't feel like that crunchy 613 you won't need it this is the closure as you can see it is pre-plucked I didn't have to do anything to this closure when it came out of me trying to install the knots were very little literally no problems this is how it looks on the thing you can tell that it's pre-plucked how it blends. It's not all bulky at the top, we don't need it. 

This is how the hair looks again it was nice to the touch and y'all need to stretch our lace to make sure y'all lace is literally good lace if the lace can stretch it's good lace you don't need that hard lace.

 Now right here I went ahead and made my wig with the bundles and the closure and I just split it down the middle I lost the footage so that's what I'm telling y'all what I did and I'm literally going track by track just dying it and no I'm not using no adore dye no kiss temptation just use  permanent black die if you want black hair on blonde use permanent dye listen  sis don't work smarter not harder okay and y'all just about to watch me do my one two on this 613 period I'll come back when you get ready to the other side.

Okay y'all see how it's looking very much black now we're gonna go ahead and get into the color all I did was part the sections into pieces and the way I'm coloring my hair is gonna be a rainbow but I'm doing like a darker version lighter version of each color so I got a dark purple, a lavender, a darker blue, a lighter blue that's how I'm doing it so you see the purple already done right now I'm doing my lavender piece yup and every color I basically use the same color just add some um white conditioner just to lighten it  if not if I had the color that was the lighter version then I just did that but child like I said work smarter not harder but you can see the purple  the blue right now I'm doing a light version of green.

Y'all just gonna see me go ahead and do my thing next I'm gonna do the yellow the orange and the red for the red I didn't do like a light red I just did pink because that just makes sense right exactly watch the girl do have a big one they don't call me paint job lala for nothing because baby when I say I paint I definitely paints and I'm always gonna give a little baby just to wait for the install sis wait for the install.

Period you see how the girl coming thank you when I say I give  give baby you see all the variations of the colors and the way they blow me yeah we'll see y'all the install.

 All right now that we've got the color portion out of the way we're going to go ahead and get into the install and give yall my final thoughts.

All right right here I'm just showing y'all how my hair colors look baby they're very much vibrant and they're very much give me taste the rainbow we finna flattening out the top part of our hair because we need to be flat don't worry about my part honey I'm gonna fix it but we need to be flat because baby we can't be even humpty dumpty now when you're trying to do a sleek middle part baby you gotta be flat we need to flattens right here I'm just gonna go ahead and hot comb to her back and yes I did burn myself honey that and just be honest if you weren't feeling the heat you was not doing it right.

 But yep I did the same thing to the other side now y'all gonna see me go ahead and put my hair up so that I could get ready to go ahead and get this melted.

Okay we're gonna get into this melt a lot of people do this stuff differently y'all spray it let it dry spray another later on do their work smarter not harder I spray the spray directly on the lace on top I position it where I need to sit and then I'm go ahead and put my elastic band on so I could go ahead and make it melts and baby just trust the process because it's gonna be a melt.

Okay now that we got that part done I'm going to go ahead and get into the straightness wig we need this girl to be silky flowy and ready to go so that's what I'm about to do y'all better watch your girl slay.

Okay period if y'all don't use wax sit shining you're going to start using wax sticks the wax sticks  get all the flyway's and make sure they in place and not out of place so I'll put me a little bit of my wax stick I'm going to have my hot comb on the highest heat baby if you don't feel the heat you ain't doing it right so how come this thing make sure we get nice flat up top because we don't need to be looking  humpty to dumpty period  and we're gonna go ahead again straightening my girl.

Okay now that we're done I went ahead and took my elastic band off and I'm gonna go ahead and yeah you see fix the part don't worry it's gonna be fixed I'm cutting off the extra lace because it's not needed it's in a way and it ain't doing nothing  for me baby and y'all see the little lace done came up baby just like I said trust the process because when I say it's going to be a melt it's going to be about a melt add a little bit more hair spray dry it up I got me a little portable fan baby because baby the lace got to be secure at all times.

Okay now that we got that extra lace cut off we're gonna get into the second stop of melting period we're gonna put out the baby hairs baby because every look is the look because the baby is period y'all see it's already giving scalp but maybe it's going to get scalp we're going to take some hair spray spray it and put the that elastic band right back on.

Then add some more hairspray on top that's what I do when I secure my laces I have to add hairspray on the bend we're going to go ahead and cut in baby hairs make sure they're real short this is a closure baby we can't do too much but we can do a little bit we can make it look like it's a frontal get you some gel period gel up  and we're just gonna  go ahead and do three little scoops one in the middle one on this side one on this side we're gonna call it a day.

Period this is the end result baby who didn't come to slay one thing I'm gonna tell you I did my thing with this color baby from the rainbow to the jet black this hair was 613 you wouldn't be able to know or tell yeah stop playing with the girl paint job that's on beauty exchange.

Okay y'all done seen the install y'all seen the color period and this is what the girl is giving honey I did make some tik tok content if y'all want to see that I'm gonna put some right here  period and the girl is giving honey I'm like anybody know me know I'm known for doing colors but baby I've never done they have to have on myself I've done it on my in-law before but I've never done it with myself and I love how the colors are just hidden everything is glowing the hair is soft I do get some shedding and that's just because you know all hair sheds your natural hair so don't expect your head not to shed.

But yes overall thoughts I love this hair y'all can get it at mybeautyexchange.com or any beauty exchanges in your local companies I will put all the information down below the hair the specs all this stuff anything yall to find and make sure y'all follow me on Instagram @lagothejuice follow me on tik tok @lagothejuice1 and make sure y'all follow beauty exchange.

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