B & B Express Multipack - Loose Deep  Reviewed By K.Lynnette - Beauty Exchange Beauty Supply


All right hey y'all and welcome back to my channel so today's install is going to be pretty much I'm going to say pack hair um the whole series is right out of the pack and this is some pack um I want to say it's Remy it's some pack Brazilian virgin hair all right so this company reached out to me um the beauty exchange beauty supply so yeah this is beauty supply pack here um they are online beauty supply but they do have like physical locations coming soon you know so be on lookout for that.

And yeah let's get right into it so they send me over if you look into the video you'll see the hair and everything around the back but this is all I have you know since I installed the hair they sent me a 14 inch closure and they sent me um 18 , 20 and 22 of the loop loose deep.

All right and at first y'all I thought I was just I'm only going to use two bundles because y'all, y'all know my hair is my head is fairly small so I really didn't want to overcrowd my hair but I ended up using two two bundles and a quarter something like that two bundles in like three and a half something like that because this is the hair that I have left over and this is the 18 inch double whiffed it so yeah I use about two and a half bundles in the closure I did a bleach yeah.

I did bleach and pluck ,pluck the front of the closure not much but just you know enough and I think it came out okay.

As y'all see y'all see in the video how she's really giving scalpiana um when I don't even do anything to her I think I should see a little bit of whiteness right there so I'll just use a little bit of makeup.

Now the closure it really didn't bleach how I wanted it to bleach um I still have a couple of black dots but that could have been on me as well I did use bw2 bleach powder as well as 40 volume developer and I let it stay on for roughly 20 minutes I did 40 volume developer because I had to go to my second job but I wanted my closure to be drying um while I was in my second job so I went ahead and bleached it like I said let it sit on for maybe 20 minutes and then um rinse the out.

I did add makeup into the part right here but other than that this is pretty much it straight out of the box now I did install it last night and I did not show my whole install because y'all seen me install um quick weave a million times all I do is lay tracks lay the tracks and I double my track so it doesn't take me much time like this whole install maybe took me like 45 minutes tops all right.

So I did that um and also what else did I do that's it I um twisted the hair and then I put I twisted my hair and then I put just this flexi rod in just to hold the curls and I did it on both sides for that but if y'all would like to see how I installed this beauty supply pack Brazilian version here please stay tuned. 


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