Sensationnel Instant Fashion Synthetic Full Wig - Ruby

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Color: #2
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Sensationnel Instant Fashion Synthetic Full Wig - Ruby

Ruby is a short style synthetic wig that is easy to style within 60 seconds.


1) Can I sleep with a synthetic wig on?

Answer:  Synthetic wigs will almost certainly be damaged, as the contact with the pillow overnight will cause the synthetic hair to become frizzy.  This should be avoided if possible.

2) What styling products do I need for synthetic wigs?

Answer: Wig stand, wig brush, wig conditioner, wig shampoo, spray bottle for water, wig comb and wig hairspray.

3) Can wearing a wig cause baldness?

Answer: Many people assume that wearing a wig or a hat promotes baldness, however this is a myth. As long as the caps and wigs are not too tight, they will not harm the hair follicles. Traction Alopecia can occur if the hat or wig is overly tight.