Sensationnel Butta Lace 360­­° HD Synthetic Lace Wigs - Unit 2

Color: #1
Sale price$35.74


Introducing Sensationnel Butta Lace 360° HD Synthetic Lace Wigs - Unit 2, where sophistication meets luxurious body wave elegance. This exceptional wig is designed to offer a seamless and realistic look, setting a new standard in synthetic lace wigs.

Key Features:

  1. Body Wave Perfection: Unit 2 showcases a stunning body wave pattern that exudes a natural and effortlessly elegant look. The waves provide depth and volume, adding a touch of glamour to your style.

  2. 360° HD Lace Coverage: Butta Lace 360° HD technology ensures that the entire perimeter of the wig is crafted with high-definition transparent lace. This advanced feature creates a flawless, nearly invisible hairline, giving the illusion of hair growing directly from your scalp.

  3. Effortless Versatility: With Butta Lace 360°, you have the freedom to part your hair in any direction, allowing for versatile styling that suits your unique preferences.

  4. Comfortable and Secure Fit: The wig is designed with your comfort in mind. It boasts a snug yet comfortable fit that ensures you can wear it all day without any discomfort.

  5. Low Maintenance Beauty: The high-quality synthetic fiber retains its shape and style, reducing the need for constant restyling. Enjoy looking fabulous with minimal effort.

Sensationnel Butta Lace 360° HD Synthetic Lace Wigs - Unit 2 offers a luxurious body wave style that will leave you feeling confident and glamorous on any occasion. With its advanced technology and elegant design, this wig redefines beauty and convenience, allowing you to effortlessly enhance your look. Step into a new era of style with Unit 2 and experience beauty like never before.

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