Sensationnel 100% Virgin Human Hair HD Lace Wig - 12A Natural Deep 18"

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Color: Natural
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Sensationnel 100% Virgin Human Hair HD Lace Wig - 12A Loose Wave 18" is a 12A grade 100% Virgin Human Hair, 18” loose wave style
  • Ear to Ear with 13″ X 4″ HD Lace Parting Hair
  • 180% Density with Pre-Plucked Hairline
  • Flexible Mesh Cap with Combs and Straps


1) How long can I keep lace front wig on?

Answer: With long-term adhesive, a lace front wig can usually be worn for up to six weeks. The amount of time a lace front wig may be worn is mostly determined by the application method and items used, as well as body chemistry.

2) How is HD lace different from normal lace?

Answer: When wearing a wig, the goal is to make it appear as natural as possible. HD lace is more see-through than regular lace, allowing it to blend more naturally into the scalp and hide the hairline.

3) Can wearing wigs cause baldness?

Answer: Many people assume that wearing a wig or a hat promotes baldness, however this is a myth. As long as the caps and wigs are not too tight, they will not harm the hair follicles. Traction Alopecia can occur if the hat or wig is overly tight.