Model Model Wet & Wavy 100% Human Hair Lace Front Wig - Bohemian 18"

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Model Model Wet & Wavy 100% Human Hair Lace Front Wig - Bohemian 18" is made with excellent quality, high-density and an ear to ear lace front with a 5" center lace part. Wear it straight to wavy and back again without worrying about compromising the quality of the hair. Dye it, bleach it, and style it!


1) How to keep his human hair wigs soft?

Answer: Wash the human hair wig with a moisturizing or specially formulated shampoo. Also, gently clean the scalp with your fingers and completely rinse. From the base of the scalp to the tips of the hair, a moisturizing conditioner should be applied. Before rinsing, the same must be left to sit for a while.

2) Do this human hair wigs tangle?

Answer: Tangling can be caused by a variety of factors, including how properly the wig is created and whether the cuticles are all pointing in the same way or if it's been treated with a chemical or color; if the hair is set in incorrectly or has been treated, it's more likely to tangle.

3) Can I sleep in a lace front wig?

Answer: Yes, you can sleep with your front lace wig on. However, unless you take extra precautions, such as covering your wig with a silk cap and tying it into a ponytail, the friction between your wig's hair and the pillow can shorten its lifespan.