Outre Mytresses Gold 100% Unprocessed Human Hair Leave Out Wig - Dominican Curly 10"

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Outre Mytresses Gold 100% Unprocessed Human Hair Leave Out Wig - Dominican Curly 10" is a U-part wig that allows you to have the fullness of a wig and be as natural as possible. 

MyTresses Gold Leave Out Wig is like a sew-in weave but better. This unit features a U-Part cap designed for leave out to reveal your own hair and part. The high grade human hair can be curled, straightened, bleached and dyed any way you like. Clip it in fast, then take it off — no commitment or salon appointment required.

100% Unprocessed Human Hair

• Reveals Your Own Part for a Natural Look

• Narrower U-Part Opening for Less Leave Out

• Shiftable – Place the Part Anywhere • Clips & Combs for Security

• Color & Customize – For optimal results, we suggest using the Natural Brown color

• Soft, Natural Luster • Bacteria-Resistant Wig Cap


1) How long can I wear a human hair wig?

Answer: Human hair wigs, on average, last longer than synthetic wigs. With careful maintenance, human hair wigs can last up to a year. Synthetic wigs have a six-month lifespan. Synthetic wigs that are heat-friendly may have a shorter lifespan.

2) Can I use shea butter on my human hair wig?

Answer: You can use Shea butter or hair serum to soften the frizzy and dry edges. Gently dab your hair with a towel before you proceed with hair styling tools.

3) What is a u-part wig?

Answer: U-part wigs, aka ¾ wigs, are hair extensions that are sewn on a U-shaped wig cap that features fine sheer mesh and clips underneath. Typically, U-part wigs come in an array of sizes to suit your needs. You can choose a center, middle, or side U-part to achieve your desired style.