Outre Melted Hairline Swirlista HD Synthetic Lace Front Wig -SWIRL 108

Color: #1
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Outre Melted Hairline Swirlista Lace Front Wig -SWIRL 108  Made to melt even better, and with more lace for you to finesse and swirl your baby  hairs, your way.

Length : 24" 
- Perfected Hand-Tied Lace Part, Hairline & Sideburns
- More Space To Finesse Your Baby Hairs
- Pre Plucked with Precison
- Super Natural Shape and Density
- 5" Deep C-Shape Parting
- Beautiful Blendng & Easy Installs
- Pre-Attached Wide Elastic Band For Glueless Installs
- Redesigned Comfortfit For Contour
- Soft HD Transparent Lace