Outre Lace Front Synthetic HD Lace Front Wig - Noelia

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Color: #613
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Outre Lace Front Synthetic HD Lace Front Wig - Noelia

Get the cut of the moment with our ultra-luxe Lacefront wig collection. Made with the softest lace trim, these wigs feature a seamless and undetectable natural finish, while offering maximum breathability and comfort. While styles are inspired by red carpet and celebrity looks, the pieces are constructed with the perfect everyday fit in mind.


1) Can I braid a synthetic wig?

Answer: Styling synthetic wigs with braids is a terrific go-to style when you want to spice up the look of your wig, whether you're searching for a splash of elegance or a spiritual boho aesthetic.

2) How do I wash my wig?


1. Fill a bowl with warm water large enough to hold your hair.
2. In the  bowl of water, pour a cup of apple cider vinegar.
3. For 20 minutes, soak the synthetic hair in the bowl.
4. When a white film appears, remove the hair.

3) Does wearing a wig affects hair growth?

Answer: Wearing a wig will not prevent hair growth. However, if the hair beneath your wig isn't properly protected or cared for, it can cause damage to your hair and stunt its growth.