Bobbi Boss Crochet Braid - 2X Nu Locs 14"

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Color: #1
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Bobbi Boss Crochet Braid - Nu Locs 14" has a beautiful natural look and a lightweight finish. 

  • Faux locs alternative
  • 21 Strands/ Pack
  • Hand-Made Finish
  • Crochet Interlocking
  • Pre-made Loop
  • Natural Texture
  • Hot Water Setting

Color Shown: M1B/27,M27/GOLD


1) How long should you wait between crochet braids?

Answer: You should anticipate your installation to last at least four weeks, depending on how well you take care of your crochet braids. Schedule their removal for no later than eight weeks. Just like you would your natural curls, make careful to safeguard your style before night.

2) Can I comb crochet hair?

Answer: Do not comb or brush crochet braids; instead, use your fingers to finger-detangle hair if it is matted or tangled. You can also use scissors to cut the knots or tangles if the hair's ends are very tangled.

3) How long does it take to install crochet hair?

Answer: Given that crocheting hair doesn't require much time, it can significantly reduce the amount of time you need to spend on hair care in the morning. The actual application procedure should take about an hour, depending on how many braids you want to crochet.