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         What's up y'all it's your girl Cait here, otherwise known as Chuchi. We'll be going with Cait for right now. I'm jumping ahead, first, back into this influencerthing. And I want to start out with this gorgeous wig, What Lace Divina from Sensationnel. As you guys know these are 'It', okay. These are the "It Girl". They have a 13x6 lace frontal parting, the laces are HD, I mean it just gives what it needs to give.

     I mean as you can see. I did a little bit more Plucking here. But even with me combing it out, like combing the plucked Parts out, it's still beautiful. We're gonna try to put the curls back into her, you know? Make it a little bit more defined and less messy; even though, I'm feeling the messy look. So we'll just see, right now I really want to do two little ponytails, middle part, you know that's the Vibes I'm going for. I think I'll be able to do that since it is a 13x6 HD What Lace hairline illusion lace wig. Yeah, so let's get to it. Okay so obviously we're using this description HD lace caps. If you don't know now you know, these are the best caps ever. Okay, I don't even have it on for real just because I'm not doing like a full install for referral. But I have one under here and its undetectable, okay. so I'm gonna go ahead and um just like put the wig on. Okay she's coming. oh yeah I'm my head is huge. That is huge. so most of the time synthetic wigs don't really fit my head because my head is huge. So the fact that this one is actually giving me ear to ear is everything. See how she looks so freaking far. I love it, yeah. It's not heavy or anything. Gorgeous, gorgeous but what we're going to do first is we're going to actually put Ruby kisses cream foundation on the inside and on the outside of our install. What I've learned from my Booskie HP he says to put the lighter color inside and the dark color outside. Now that that's a hack and I shouldn't be saying that for free. But that's what we're going to do. We are going to help these girls out.  So the lighter color for me is level 14; this is 4.99 from Beauty Exchange. Of course just go ahead and grab that from your local Beauty Supply Store. If you don't have one near you, you can shop online at
            I'm going back and forth to both of these palates, put it on my little intense Wing brush. This is a Elf Ultimate blending brush. If you want to grab this one and yeah I'll go and dab it all inside of my wig. I really enjoyed this one. The 14 is a perfect match for me, so sometimes I don't do the darker one outside. But we'll just see. We are going to go see how it, you know, how it works out. You don't really have to be heavy-handed with this because you don't want the Front of your lace to be packed with products and stuff like that. You don't want that. So you don't want your lace floating on top of your head because that's not cute.
       Next we're going to take our Ebin Wonder lace Bond Supreme Hold Spray It's going to go around. Some people like doing sections. Others like the way I'm doing it. You know it's up to you sweetheart. But this is what I do. I like to do this and then burn it And make sure the band is like actually attached.  Oh, that's how you know your head big. That's terrible. This is literally the best blow dryer ever it's from Tamil. It reminds me of like a Dyson. I'm gonna go ahead and go in and cut. You want to go in a zigzag motion of course. I have a lot of edges. So I'm going to just leave some of the lace out. I've been seeing lately that the girls leave a lot of lace. And I'm like "going to try it but I don't know". We are you going to see. I am going to have to re-melt.  As you can see, I still have a some of the pieces didn't get all the was melted down. So I'm going to go back again and do the same process again. Period, its melted through. Okay. So another thing I like to do to get it extra melted. Is you take your concealer brush and dip it into your the darker shade. And I'm going to just put a little bit onthe tip like that. Then I'm gonna take the Ebin Spray and actually spray it on here. Tap it in, just like that. You can see it melts it right away.

       I'm going to take my blow dryer and make sure everything dries and stays. I'm just going to go ahead and pat all the way through. Then I'll blow dry it down. So we are here we're at the finish of the actual install. Now we're gonna go into styling. I was going to do baby hairs but  I'm not anymore because it's perfect. I know I said I was going to do the two ponytails but the way I lifted this hair up on the side. So the middle part is definitely middling. We're just going to stick with that. It's going to stick with a nice, clean middle part, okay. I'm going to get the middle part to you today. I'm going to use the 24 hour Edge Tamer wax stick. You can find this at your local Beauty Supply store and of course Beauty Exchange. Let's do a little bit, we don't have to do add a lot. I have mine on 330. Okay it's not too hot you know you'd be having to test it. I'm just doing this to flatten everything out. Make it nice and flat and pretty. I don't know if you guys know but I just learned that this is the part that makes it flat not the Hot Combs. So make sure when you're doing this part you comb it in and then you're pressing down; making it feel like smooth pressing down.

        I think you already see the difference. You know obviously when you're doing a human hair I put that thing on 450. You burn it down. But we're doing a synthetica, so she has to go on a little 330. I still feel like 330 for a synthetic unit is high as hell. So you know she could take the Heat or whatever. so now we just need to define some of these curls a little bit. Lately I've seen the girls doing the most but back in my day you can't do none of that but we're going to try it. We're going to try this curl defining mousse by Mielle. I'm not to sure how to say it. Great company. Im going to go all in, all right. Sometimes the girls be right. Sometimes the girls know what they be talking about. I'm using a very little because I'm not trying to OD, you knowwhat I mean? I am not trying to over do it because this it still a synthetica and that would not be it boo boo. 

              Okay you guys this is the final look. You did your thing girl. I ain't gonna hold you. It's really cute. Pro's about this wig; the lace is amazing, the hair is very lightweight, it's not tangling on me at all, the curls are beautiful they can be defined by the mousse and also oil. And I'm sure, if you want to use water, you can use that too. The curls at the bottom are not nappy or anything. Cons you only have a middle part. You can't really do any other Styles. It is a big head friendly, that's a  Pro. It takes very well to heat and overall if you do like poofy hair, Davina is the girl for you. You know I feel like she is to be big. I'm not that type of person. I like my hair to be a little bit more on the tame side. just like curls defined, if I'm going to do curls and if I'm doing straight I need it to be bone.  That's just me. But if you like bigger hair you can fluff it out. So other than that I'm going to spend a little time and yeah she cute.

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