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Hi you guys welcome back to another video if you're new here my name is inica don't forget to hit that subscribe button if you like anything beauty related but yeah today we got a package and it's from my Beauty Exchange don't forget to follow them on Instagram and turn your post notifications on so you guys don't miss out on any great deals they are having.

They did send me a wig from their B&B Knotless Synthetic Full Lace Braided Wig line it is 100% full lace and there's no shedding no tangling I got it in the color two and in the style Bohemian box braids 32 in the wig did come in a standard plastic baggie with the informational card that is the same that is on the back of the box what really attracted me to this wig was that it was a full lace wig I don't like those braided wigs that are 4x4s or those 5x FS like they are stepping up their braided wig game out here and Beauty Exchange knew what they was doing when they made this one.

I am showing you guys here the inside of the wig it does have have four Combs two on the side one in the middle and one in the back and it has an elastic band to make this wig glueless the lace is thin and the knots are small which I loved it looked like they even pre-plucked this wig before they even braided it. 

I loved it the curl pattern on this was beautiful I love the Bohemian deep wave that they added to it it's not that noticeable but I wish that the braids the weave with the same color I'm going to start off by tinting my lace with the red by KISS tinting lace spray in the shade medium dark brown and I'm just going to use a fan to dry it I have a big head and I was so happy that this will fit my head I cut off some of that extra lace from my eye area so I can see what I'm doing I cut the lace in three sections so it can be easier to lay down and if you see me rocking back and forth throughout the video I'll be listening to all the Jams.

So right here y'all see how the wig was not lining up with my hairline so it was going over my ear a bit and I'm going to cut in between the braids so it can fit my ha better and I'm being extra careful so I don't cut off any baby hairs or Go In Too Deep he okay now that I have it to where that it covers my hairline I'm just going to go in with the Ean spray and the black can and I'm going to spray two layers but in between each layer I'm going to use a fan and blow dry once the spray gets tacky I'm going to lay my lace down and massage it in with a comb and as well taking my fan and drying it to melt my lace I'm going to use the mytress  compressed micr spray in the level one y'all I really hate the fact that this spray hair got discontinued I wasn't even able to get my hands on the strongest level which I think is like a four or five but yeah I'm just going to add my mk band 

I'm just going to let that sit for like an hour don't you just love when you're recording and you're really not recording yeah that's what happened to me I cut my lace and I thought I was recording but I wasn't so yeah this is me after I come my lace I just went back in with the ches compressed spray because as you can see it's really not melted and I want it to look really seamless like it's growing out of my scalp.

I'm going to make sure my lace is completely dry before I add my mkband again and I'm going to keep it on there for maybe about like 15 minutes when I removed my lace band it was a little bit of residue so all I do to fix that is take some 70% alcohol on a cloth and I just run it across my hairline next I used the morphe filter powder in the shade 13 and I ran it across my hairline and that's when like the blending really became seamless it started looking like skin for real my favorite part is baby hairs because I know it I'm about to be finished but I'm just going to go in with some eyebrow scissors they did the baby hair is so good like I didn't even have to really pluck anything to mow my baby hairs I'm going to use the got to be gel and the Black Bottle.

I wanted to get a little creative and add a little swoop going the little other direction I'm like okay it came out a little cute but you guys this wig can be parted any direction it is full lace they did not come to play if you want a middle part side part half up half down a bun ponytail you could do it this the back I didn't get the lace tint good enough at the bottom but I don't mind because the braids cover it like it's not going to be shown at all but this is the final look what do you guys think make sure you check out my beauty exchange.com to find a location near you. 

Overall I really love the outcome of this I thought it came out beautiful I evened compliments I went to the grocery store and I received some compliments on it. 

So if I was you I would definitely check my Beauty Exchange out and I'm just going to show you guys a few ways that I styled it this is a half up half down and showing you the back I know it's February but Happy New Year's you guys this is my first video of the year I'm happy to be back don't forget to like comment share and subscribe and I'll see you in my next video. 

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