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We're just gonna do a quick little
install on the Mali sheer Muse texture
series from Sensational, in the color
number two. I'm showing you the inside of
the wig. It has a 13 by 2 lace with
three Combs and an adjustable band in
 This wig was a little bit too small
for my head. So I just cut it a little
bit on the sides. I'm showing you how I
did that right there.
Now, I'm putting it on my head and we
now have a perfect fit.
Now i'm going to go ahead and install it.
I cut the lace off camera but if you want
to watch one of my other videos I'll
show you how I do it. I just
basically go in a jagged motion with
some sharp scissors in the corner.
And i'm just showing you that lace.
So now we are ready to install the wig.
I'm just going to make sure everything is fitting
properly. And I'm putting out a little
bit of my baby hairs;
my natural baby hairs. So that it can be
more realistic when I am installing it.
And the end result will help me look
like a TWA tapered cut style. So I'm just
going to take some clips and clip my
hair back.
I'm going to use the Ebin Wonder Lace
Bond in Supreme to adhese my lace onto
my skin. I feel like this one does the
best job as far as like longevity. It's
not too sticky. It doesn't leave like a shiny
residue. I feel like all the other sprays
like Got To Be or Tresemme make your forehead
super shiny; but this one does not. So I'm
just placing it where it needs to be. It
doesn't have to stick to your skin.
As long as it's you know in the right
you'll be good to go.
So take your Edge band and you're going to
tie it down as tight as you can. Without it hurting your ears too much. Then
you want to take your blow dryer and
just blow along your edges to suck it
into your scalp. I'm taking my level 14
cream foundation from Ruby kisses and
getting that perfect blend. If you guys
wanted to go ahead and double melt after
you do this, you can spray it again and
then melt it down again. It is going to melt right into
your skin.  But it was late at night when
I did this, so I decided that I would do the double
melt in the morning. I'm showing
you guys how I blended in the lace.
Basically just removed that white lace
and made it my exact skin color. So, yes,
this wig does have a HD lace. It's so
easy to customize and it's so so so
super natural. You see how the
sides is a blending in like that. 
So now I'm gonna go ahead and do my baby
hairs. I just took out a small amount of
baby hairs. I feel like if you go in a c
motion when you're doing your baby hairs
it just gives you the perfect little bit.
So go ahead and cut and customize to
your baby hair liking. 
I really didn't need to put any baby
hairs on this wig but
when I do my regular hair out I always
do two little baby hairs. So that's what
I decided to do with this install. And it
came out super duper cute.
So after I laid my two little baby hairs
down I wanted to go ahead and do any
final customization. For me it was
cutting off some extra little hairs that
got pulled out when I was plucking the
front just a little bit more.
The end result is so cute you guys. I
love this hair it's very soft. The lace
was very soft, it was not irritable, it fit
perfect around my head (it's big head
friendly), the style is so cute and
natural. I've been getting stopped left
and right. People asking "what products am I using", 
"Girl it is a wig! It's $15.00 and it's at
MyBeautyExchange.com for fifteen dollars".
 And after they're gone I don't
think they're going to be restocking. so
you guys make sure to head over there.
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