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What's going on YouTube this is your boy sebas  I'm coming live from Orlando Florida here with beauty exchange and today we will be unboxing the brand new Andis GTX cordless trimmers these are hitters fire fire I'm so happy that I have the opportunity to share this with you guys but first let me tell you a little about myself I've been a barber professionally for two years I got my license literally two years ago in September and I was lucky enough to buy a barber shop in Orlando and it's been a hell of a ride I've been learning a lot I've been seeing what works what doesn't what trimmers I like and honestly this is really cool for me because when I first started cutting hair I had the cored the corded t-liners and now that they're cordless and they already have the skeleton shape for you ready to go I couldn't be more excited to share this with you so stay tuned we will be unboxing these now.

 All right first of all as you can see the box is really cool very professional I love the box actually and as we open it we're going to see what's inside all right cool boom I'm excited off top all right look at these bad boys right here instantly very light very slick and look at the gold blade oh my god these look amazing like I said they're already skeleton shape and the cool thing about these is that they're covered back in the day you had to cut them out I know some of you guys did it you cut them out now you had the skeleton shape so you can it's it's better for visibility so when you're shaping up or the bulking whatever it is it just it was good but the only problem is that the hair kept getting stuck or getting in there and it's just harder to clean now that they have fixed that for you ,you shouldn't have that problem.

Another cool thing about these is just the way they feel look how they sound powerful they feel powerful just overall very impressed with what they have done here due to the fact that they are very light and some of my guys at the barbershop already have them so I have tried them but honestly unboxing them for the first time I can just really see the details that were that was put into this piece of art this is this this a piece of art right here and I love these right out of the box I can tell that they're instant hitters by just the blades they're very close to each other they don't look like they're gonna bite or hurt same thing I always just check always check on yourself to see if they need to be readjusted or anything like that but no problem you touch it no problem at all these are really cool very impressed.

Second thing I see is the charging handle this is really cool right here check this out this charging handle is dope look at that that's fire it's really cool because one it takes the cords out of your oh what is it called check this out off rip I really like these one cool thing about it is that they will make your station look a lot more professional this looks really dope easy access look at that it looks amazing actually so I'm gonna leave that here let me continue unboxing this another box here's your charger cover the booklet it also comes with some guards. 

Another thing that it comes with is this other box and this box comes with a charger the charger I'm sorry it comes with some oil for your trimmers and some guards also comes with a booklet that also explains to you it gives you more detail about your trimmer so I would definitely recommend you check it out use you know it will teach you how to keep your machine working 100% and what to do if in case you chip the blade or if it falls if it breaks don't be scared to look at that or of course look it up online but once again these trimmers are absolute amazing I love them I love the black with the gold you can't go wrong with that and I love the fact when you turn them on the blue for me it's really really dope I'm excited to try this soon I'm going to show you how how they work and how sharp they are out the box I have not I have not adjusted them I have not done anything like that but the cool thing is that I can already tell that they are going to be amazing so stay tuned check them out Andis GTX cordless trimmers fire let's get it.

All right now that we have already unboxed them let's see what they do once again don't forget that you can find these clippers at any beauty exchange any of their locations in Orlando ,Florida , Atlanta and Ohio and also it's coming soon stay tuned.

All right YouTube we just tried these not for anything out the box straight hitters I definitely recommend them I'm actually loving them I love the weight I love how they feel in my hands they're very powerful clippers yes they can be a little bit I guess the shape up to be more crispier but that's what you're you know that's what you're going to use your blade for besides that these clippers are just taking everything and all the hair out that I wanted to clean up and it's just amazing these clippers are just perfect I don't have any complaints my client said that he didn't feel them at all he didn't feel them too sharp he didn't say anything bad about them so as you can see the line is pretty crispy all the way around that's out the box I have not adjusted these at all whatsoever 10 out of 10 I highly recommend them once again you can find these at or any of their 23 stores in Florida Atlanta and Ohio please please please barbers check try these out don't be scared of buying new clippers these are amazing they take care of like nothing they're very sharp I have zero complaints GTX Andis cordless find them at beauty exchange.

What's up y'all this your boy sebas so today we unboxed and tested the brand new AndIs GTX trimmers and it's your lucky day because I will be giving away this pair of trimmers at the end of the month what I want you to do is subscribe to our YouTube channel at beautyexchange comment GTX and also follow me on Instagram at blessed_by_sebastian all the details will be in the description below I'm out

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