Shake-N-Go Freetress Braid Crochet - Butterfly Loc 12”

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Shake-N-Go Freetress Braid Crochet - Butterfly Loc 12” is created by using our Water Wave providing you with the best quality, true butterfly locs!


1) How often should I wash my crochet braids?

Answer: It's an elevated wash day but a very necessary one. In fact, washing your braids and or cleansing your scalp every other week will eliminate product buildup, sweat, dirt, improve scalp health and prolong your style.

2) Why should I choose crochet hair?

Answer: Crochet braids are great options because they don't obstruct the hair's natural borders and let the scalp breathe. Without having to worry about tracks or wefts coming loose, they are simple to maintain, and some even entirely change looks as they age.

3) Can I moisturize crochet hair?

Answer: Water, Aloe Vera juice, or even a liquid leave-in conditioner that may be sprayed with a spray bottle are all acceptable alternatives. Focus on the ends as they tend to dry out more quickly.