Shake-N-Go Freetress Equal Synthetic Freedom Part Wig - Free Part 101

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Shake-N-Go Synthetic Lace Front Wig - Free Part 101

  • Create attractive styles with every angle (Left, Center, Right)

  • Create various styles by rotating the unit

  • Take control of your own parting

  • Shift or rotate unit with freedom



1) How do I make my synthetic wig look more realistic?

Answer: Underneath your wig, put on a wig cap. This will ensure that your wig fits properly and looks natural on your head. Secure the wig to the cap with bobby pins. This will prevent the wig from causing any strange bumps or lumps on your head.

2) Is baby shampoo good for wigs?

Answer: Although wig professionals recommend against using anything other than synthetic wig shampoo to clean your wig or hair bundles, nothing beats baby shampoo if you don't have any. This is because baby shampoo is supposed to be less acidic and softer for cleaning wigs in an emergency.

3) Can I pluck my synthetic wig?

Answer: Yes, you can totally pluck your synthetic wigs.

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